Girl Talk: Taking Care of Business with Vagisil

Ok ladies, it’s time to talk about something that generally doesn’t get brought up amongst friends. While beauty & wellness can be a ton of fun, there’s no point in looking great if you don’t feel great today, so today we’re going to turn our attention to our vaginas; more specifically, vaginal dryness, something that many women deal with.

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I know some of you are probably thinking “oh no, she isn’t going there”, but I absolutely am. How often do you end up Googling things like this because you’re too embarrassed to bring them up when chatting with your girlfriends? I’m guessing the answer is way too often. So let’s have a chat about feminine health (and if you enjoy chatting about topics like these, sound off in the comments below!).

Ladies, there are so many reasons why vaginal dryness can come up, at any age; things like hormonal changes (think menopause – 1 in 3 women will experience this as they go through it), stress, pregnancy, medications, periods & IVF treatments can lead to this. It can be uncomfortable, and of course puts a damper on your sex life, which nobody wants.

My friends at Vagisil have a pretty easy (and discreet, with a tampon-like applicator) solution that can help alleviate the dryness. The ProHydrate Natural Feel Moisturizing Gel is a long-lasting product that coats the vaginal wall for instant relief and lubrication, while also releasing more moisture over time. It contains a unique blend of moisturizers, including Hyaluronic Acids, to provide generous, natural feeling hydration – think of it as a rich lotion for your vagina. The fact that it doesn’t include any added estrogen, perfumes, dyes or preservatives also means you can feel more comfortable using it without irritation. Long story short, these convenient applicators (and by that I mean you can easily store them in your purse) can quickly help alleviate discomfort while gently hydrating.

vagisil prohydrate, vaginal dryness, vaginal dryness solutions, sex and relationship blog, health and wellness, feminine issues, vagisil information, how to use vagisil

When it comes to lady business, do you feel comfortable chatting about these things with your friends?


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Vagisil, but as always, opinions are 100% my own. Let’s open up the conversation about uncomfortable topics that shouldn’t be so uncomfortable!

  • Angela Milnes

    I haven’t heard about this product and it really looks interesting for me. I will check this out and so glad that you share this

  • Jessica Hughes

    I’m lucky to have close girlfriends that I feel comfortable talking with about pretty much any topic. This is definitely an issue that affects many women for various reasons and can really be a downer! It’s great that Vagisil has a great solution to help women.

  • Candace

    This is honestly something that I have no problems talking about with my close friends. We’ve had some pretty personal conversations. I believe that being a woman we should be able to talk about our bodies freely. This is a great solution to a problem that many women have faced. Me included!

  • The only person I feel comfortable talking about such things is my husband! And yes, this is an issue that has no age. We should make an effort to be more open about it, thanks for sharing!

  • Afroza Khan

    This information is good to know. You never know when you might come into such issues and need the right product!

  • Brandi Crawford

    This is great information! I’m so happy with the way we are moving as a society. I feel good that we are putting more things out in the open….and someday we will all hopefully feel totally comfortable.

  • What a great read! I am glad you brought attention to this. Feminine health is so important!
    xo Debbie |