5 Year Blogiversary + Giveaway

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This month marks a big milestone for me. I started Liner and Glitter and Gloss, Oh My! 5 years ago this month. Looking back, it seems crazy to think that I’ve been doing this for so long.

5 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to run a blog, how to take pictures that (usually) look nice or where it could take me. I was fresh out of university and working at a job that I didn’t enjoy and didn’t see a future in, which led to the creation of this blog. I needed an outlet to help me express myself and this was the perfect opportunity. I had always loved writing & all things beauty, and this seemed like a great way to combine the two.

Ever since then, it’s been a learning experience – and an amazing one at that. I’ve been able to develop my writing skills and work on my photography (I look back at my earlier posts and laugh), I’ve learned what people like you want to see and read about, and I’m still constantly learning!

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Two of the best friends a girl could ask for – Sandra and Jenelle!

Through the blog, I’ve been received so many opportunities that I never would have had, and I’m so thankful for that every day. I’ve met some of my best friends, I’ve worked with some amazing brands, I’ve gotten to attend fantastic events… And, yes, I’ve built a beauty room that makes my friends envious.

I’ve had ups and downs; times where I’ve had to take little breaks to deal with things in my life, times where I’ve had to rebuild my motivation, and times where I’ve been on top of the world.

And above all that, I’ve had a chance to connect withΒ you. I’m so thankful that people actually take the time to listen to what I have to say, and I always love hearing from someone who’s stopped by. If you ever want to connect with me, I’m always online (you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in the years to come. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

And hey, because a 5 year blogiversary wouldn’t be a celebration without presents, so I have a little giveaway up my sleeve. I’ve put together a beauty prize pack with some of my favourite things (worth about $500) that I’m going to be sending out to one of you. Enter via the the form below!
5 Year Blogiversary

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  • Judy

    I love any beauty/cosmetic posts especially tips on anti aging. Congrats on 5!!!

  • Angela September

    WOW 5 ALREADY! I like review posts where you’ve actually used the product! I would love to see more posts about the best priced places to buy cosmetics… one store vs another kind of thing

  • Francine F.

    I love the giveaway posts!

  • erin2470

    I would love posts on cover-up…the best types and I just love anything with Canadian content…thanks

  • Wow happy birthday to your blog! Keep blogging, girl <3

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • Lushka Smith

    Big congrats on 5 years!

    Anything on anti aging would be terrific in my books.

  • Melinda Jana

    congrats on 5 years!

    I would love to see more Canadian beauty products featured that aren’t as well known.

  • ginette4

    wow it’s been 5 years already..congrats to you! I love reading your posts and cannot think of anything in particular that I would like to see more of..congrats again!

  • Congrats Dee! I’d love to see more reviews and swatches! Those are my favourite posts to see.

  • lori b

    I enjoy reviews, I’d like to see organization ideas

  • pinksuzanne

    Congrats on your 5 year blogiversary. I love to see reviews on the newest in makeup products or skincare. I am an older woman and would love posts on keeping skin looking its best as we age.

  • jemrah

    I like to hear about new skincare products, and reviews; I enjoy youtube tutorials on how to use cosmetics too!

  • Larker

    I enjoy hearing about new makeup and application tips, it helps to see what is possible with the right tools.

  • I always enjoy reading about new makeup & or trends.
    More Canadian beauty content
    Congrats on your 5 year blogiversary

  • Glogirl3

    I like seeing makeup related posts and tutorials. I would love to see more reviews on foundation (particularly for oily skin) and lip products.

  • manda

    I like info on ethically/environmentally-friendly produced items.

  • Tammy Dalley

    I love tutorials and reviews! Congrats by the way

  • Patrick Siu

    I enjoy learning about new products

  • Shari D

    I like hearing about new products on the market. I would love to see nail polish comparisons.

  • Jonnie

    I like to read reviews (both good and bad) and love seeing swatches. One of my recent faves was your candy corn manicure post. I love that you write concise instructions and link to products used.

  • flowerchild23

    I love to read reviews, especially on concealers. I also love to see nail polish swatches.

  • elaing8

    Congrats on your 5th Anniversary.
    I like to read the product reviews.

  • Amy

    I like to read reviews on new products. Happy 5th blogiversary

  • Shirley S

    Congrats on your 5 year blogiversary! I enjoy reading about new makeup products. I’d love to see more reviews and swatches.

  • Rebby Roberts

    I’ve been reading your blog since it began 5 years ago! I love the reviews, and would like more of them on both high end and drug store brand products! A very Happy 5 Year Blogiversary to you!!

  • missbobloblaw

    Congrats on 5 years! I love your event posts & nail polish swatches….Here’s to 5 more! *cheers*

  • Joanne Saunders

    I like everything you guys post, no need to change in my mind.

  • Martin Keating

    I enjoy post on culture

  • Donna Snugglebuns Dufresne

    Reading reveiew are very important to me Happy 5th Blogerversary

  • Crystal Q

    The application tips! I’m clueless!

  • Ann-Marie Vaughan

    Product reviews are very helpful.

  • Christine Murray

    Congratulations on five years. Product reviews are awesome.

  • sophie lapierre

    Yes ! I like when it start with ” Giveaway” or ”Contest” word πŸ˜‰ Aside from that, I use to check a lot your tips , reviews because I’m kind of new with makeup and all of this and I’m 39 ! Before , I’ve never used it except for mascara so I really need some good advices and it appear that you always got some good ones πŸ˜‰ Thank you for this amazing contest !

  • kristen visser

    I love make up and fashion tutorials ! how to wear certain things like scarves, clothing/outfits that pair well together, what is in etc

  • favgreen

    This is so generous!!! Congrats too on 5 years. I’d be interested in organic product reviews.
    via Rhonda W G.

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I like reading product reviews!

  • Tracydeanne

    I love nail polish/product reviews. Happy blogaversary!

  • Chantelle Alvey

    I don’t really have a favorite, I read anything I find interesting

  • Castleville Kelly

    I enjoy the product reviews.

  • Julie Barrett (Reviewz by Jewe

    I just found your blog through this giveaway so I can’t really say what I like best or would like to see more of but I’m going to be following your blog from now on. Glad to have found it! Congrats on 5 yrs!

  • teeslee

    I like reading about product reviews and tips.

  • monica b

    I love reading product reviews as well as tips! Dupe/comparison posts would be interesting as well πŸ™‚ congrats on 5 years!!

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  • David Gibb

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  • Erica

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  • Makeup reviews! Pretty please πŸ™‚

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  • Julie

    Happy 5 Year Blogiversary! I like posts about makeup, especially reviews and product roundups!

  • Mel

    Happy 5 year Blogiversary! I like posts about cosmetics and love to see the new products for the holidays!

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    I like recipes to fit the season and beauty tips.

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  • sassy

    Hi,congrats on 5 years-that’s huge!! I really love hauls (skincare & makeup); swatches & dupes.

  • Beauty bargains! There is SO much to choose from at the drugstore – knowing which ones are the best bang for my buck is amazing!

  • JusticeSadie

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  • Shane

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  • Contrats on 5 years, here’s hoping I can reach that milestone one day!

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    Florence Cochrane

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