Be Radiant with Clarins | 12 Days of Holiday Beauty Giveaway

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I absolutely love all of the fun that comes with the holidays.  Between Christmas shopping, catching up with friends and family and multiple celebrations, it’s hard to find time to relax!  The combination of late nights, endless food and cold weather leaves my skin feeling a little worn out and tired during this time of year.  It can definitely use a nice boost to breathe some life back into it, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Clarins has consistently turned out some of my favourite skincare products.  I’ve always been really happy with the results that they provide, and I know that today’s giveaway, featuring the brand, is sure to put a little jump back into your skincare step this season.

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Glowing, radiant skin is something that you’ll be proud to show off when you run into your friends (or, heaven forbid, an ex) over the holidays, and Clarins has offered two fantastic products to help you give your skin a boost when the holidays start to wreak a little havoc:

Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash ($51.00 CAD): Clarins’ quick ‘lift” for tired eyes—with refreshing Rose Petals, Lily and White Tea extracts—releases toxins to minimize dark circles, tighten eye contours, decongest and de-puff. Hydrates and protects the delicate skin around eyes, while chasing-away fine lines. Keep it in your emergency kit. 

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm ($50.00 CAD): The ultimate pick-me-up for tired, stressed skin—Clarins best-selling radiance maker helps eliminate signs of fatigue in a flash! Instantly moisturizes, brightens and tightens facial contours so skin looks rested and relaxed. Olive and Witch Hazel extracts help smooth the skin’s surface, diffusing the look of lines and wrinkles. Soothing Bisabolol helps restore skin’s youthful glow. Preps skin for perfect make-up application and hours of luminous wear. 

Yep, sounds like both of these would help to perk you back up after a long night (and a couple of cocktails).   The combination of these two products ensures that skin looks brighter and well-rested, even when you’re not.  Want to win this Holiday Radiance package from Clarins?  Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!
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  • M Bernice Larkam

    Where can I buy a case of the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – lol! Definately sounds like a great boost for after all those Christmas Parties!

  • Guppy

    In the winter its pretty much the same as always. I use either a cream or foam cleanser, a serum and a heavier lotion or cream moisturizer. No toner as its irritating and drying to me.

  • blessedta

    I use oil since winter dries my skin

  • hofken

    I use a serum in addition to my moisturizer

  • Emily C

    I use a serum and layer it with a moisturiser and then a facial oil.

  • I do an hydrating mask twice a week, instead of one.

  • Suzi

    Awful and I need to change that! I don’t have a winter routine right now and my skin is not looking good!

  • Anne Kramps

    I still use an oil free moisturizer and a facial oil, seems counter active but works for me!

  • Brenda Penton

    I start using a night cream in the winter to combat dryness.

  • Larker

    Constantly moisturizing to stay ahead of the drying affects of indoor heating and the outside cold air

  • Melinda Jana

    I use a heavier cream to help with the dryness

  • ShariD

    I tend to use heavier creams and moisturize twice a day in the colder weather.

  • moisturize, moisturize moisturize!

  • I tend to double up on the moisture in the winter – oils AND creams, aww yes.

  • Jolie

    I use a serum & a moisturiser. I also use a hydrating mask once a week,

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I love to moisturize!!! hope to win

  • Colleen Boudreau

    more moisturizer!
    ps. is this International?

  • Night moisturizer for sleep masks!!!!

  • melzzzzzzzzz

    I wear my night cream as day cream. I don’t get oily or break out, so I figure this is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a dry patch on my face that I need to exfoliate off with my clarisonic……

  • annet

    During the winter I would love to bathe in moisturizer. Right now I use coconut oil on my body, face and scalp and I also take omega 3 oil orally because it seems to work on the outside!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  • Nancy

    More mask and hydratation for my face and my body and my hair too ! Take more time for me and more sleep help too. 😉

  • Athena

    I make sure I moisturize even more during the winter months

  • Chel Sea

    Moisture, moisture, and more moisture.

  • missbobloblaw

    Moisturise and exfoliation.

  • Wash, tone, moisturize, weekly masque.

  • Rebby Roberts

    Mine consists of extreme moisturizing, morning, evening and sometimes mid day if its really bad. We have a super dry climate here!

  • I switch out my cleanser to a more gentle and nourishing one and use a heavier moisturizer in the day time and at night. I also use retinol to brighten up my complexion.

  • Trillina Palemi

    exfoliations, masks and much moisturize

  • M Gibb

    more moisturizer and continue with sunscreen as well

  • Andrea

    Bag Balm! Bag Balm is my number one in the winter. Slather it on your feet, put some socks on, and you will never have seen such a drastic improvement in the state of your feet in the morning. I also put body lotion/oil on twice a day, constant lip balm application, as far as my face goes? I use my heavier night moisturizer twice a day instead of using a lighter one in the morning. Other than that my routine is the same as always.

  • Glogirl3

    I cleanse, tone and moisturize my face in the winter and usually exfoliate daily.

  • Rachel

    I’m much more careful in the winter to moisturize my skin – especially at night, to really help replenish and repair.

  • jemrah

    i moisturize every chance i get!!

  • katie o

    exfoliate 2x/week, moisturize often!

  • scifi_sara

    Lots of moisturizer for my dry skin!

  • Susan Broughton

    I usually use my moisturizer a little more often in the Winter instead of twice a day for the rest of the year.

  • Elee

    My skin care routine in the winter requires extra moisturizer and I love to exfoliate to get rid of flaking skin

  • Haley Tong

    moisturize my face in the winter with a moisturizing mask

  • Radhika K

    lots of moisturizer!

  • Erin

    Moisturize and moisturize again! I also find I need to drink way more water

  • Stefani

    I usually moisturizer morning and night anyway, but during the winter I use an extra thick one at night once or twice a week!

  • stacey dempsey

    I need alot of good moisturizer in the winter and extra hand cream and I need to use it a couple of times a day

  • brillantedebeaute

    Moisturize a lot but this year I have also tried oil instead of cream: so far so good!

  • aly3360

    Heavy on the moisturizer in the winter. My skin gets so so dry.

  • Donna L.

    I use a richer facial moisturizer in winter.

  • Faiza

    I use a great, lightweight night cream that is very moisturizing.

  • stacey h

    i moisturize and try to add colour to my pale skin

  • amy

    Moisturize and exfoliate and repeat for 6 months LOL

  • Bev

    My skin care routine involves sun screen, moisturizer and a hydrating mist to go!

  • Huguette E.

    Serum, moisturizer and CC cream.

  • margaretimecs

    moisturize daily

  • Victoria Ess

    I use olive oil on my skin

  • Eileen

    I exfoliate more often & switch to a heavier moisturizer in the winter
    Rafflecopter name: Ei Leen

  • mae lin

    Moisturize and exfoliate!

  • Amy

    Moisturize more

  • Lushka204

    Use more mosturizer

  • Yuen Ch

    I use a serum then put on moisturizer

  • Shelley N

    I use lots of moisturizer in the winter and I really need to load on the hand cream since my hands get very dry

  • Laura Farwell

    I apply moisturizer more often

  • Andrea Amy

    similar to every other time of the year except i do find that I need to moisturize a bit more.

  • Lindsay B

    My routine is all over the place. I have trouble finding the right combination/products/routine for my crazy skin

  • Yan D.

    lazy in the winter… so just moisturizer

  • …intensive. Lots of moisturizer (many times a day), lots of serums, lots of oils! :s

  • Iuliana Gondos

    Very little exfoliate, allot of moisturizer cream and toner.

  • Belinda McNabb

    I moisturize much more during the winter. Making sure to use day and night stuff

  • Nancy J Montgomery

    Because of the electric heat, I try to moisturize more often in the winter.

  • Eldon L

    A lot of moisturizer on my dry face

  • Holly

    I moisturize a lot more often in the Winter.

  • Debbie S.

    I use an glycerin soap in the winter and warm baths not hot. I use body butter and moisturize my face day and night. My skin gets very dry in the winter, all I do is never enough.

  • Cleanse, Tone, moisturize, eye cream, Face mask/scrub once a wk.

  • Catharine Morgan

    Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

  • monica b

    I make sure to moisturize more often!

  • hollymessana

    I only wash my face with water and make sure that I use moisturizer in the day and a night cream.

  • Annick

    a lot of cream!

  • Dreena

    I use an oil and I do more face masks. It’s so dry where I live.

  • Michelle N

    My routine consists of great lotions and oils. I’ve been using argan oil which helps a lot with my dry skin and exfoliating once in a while to ensure all of the dry dead skin is off.

  • Elaine Douglas-Rioux

    what routine? lol

  • Anne Kramps

    Woooooo hooooo!