Radiant Hair with Matrix Biolage ColorLast (Giveaway!)

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Happy Saturday!  You may remember seeing a few months back that myself and 3 other bloggers have taken on roles as ambassadors for Matrix Biolage’s newly revamped lines.  Each line is designed to target the needs of different hair types, locking in on the areas that provide problems.  With my faux-red, I have a lot of problems with colour fading and losing its vibrancy, so the Matrix Biolage ColorLast line is right up my alley.  Those of you who are rocking a different shade than your natural one can feel my pain.

Matrix Biolage, Biolage, ColorLast, SmoothProof, HydraSource, VolumeBloom, Hair care, best shampoo, biolage review

Pretty in pink with ColorLast!

The ColorLast line, made up of a shampoo, conditione, mask and shine shake, has definitely made a difference in the life of my colour.  I’ve noticed tha radiance of it lasts longer and I experience minimal fading.  Red hair can be a huge pain – I love how it looks but the amount of time it lasts is a killer – and since I started using this line I’ve really seen the colour’s life being extended.

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Well, since I know how bug of a pain fading can be, my friends at Matrix and I have decided to hook 4 of you up with the ColorLast line so you can give your hair a bit of a boost.  Interested in giving this line a try?  Enter via the form below.  I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Matrix Biolage ColorLast Giveaway


  • Cindy Bundun

    My biggest hair issue is my colour fades in the sun

  • gizfarris

    I color my hair medium brown and in a few weeks it is almost blond. My color doesn’t stay in for very long.

  • Belinda McNabb

    My biggest issue is lifelessness! It has not body at all most of the time

  • Jeannie

    My biggest issue is flat hair!! I need body!

  • Mary

    My biggest hair issue is dryness & damage from colour!

  • Lisa Ferris

    I have resistant greys and love browns and auburns! Would love some colour that lasts and covers resistant greys!

  • Shari D

    My biggest concern is lack of volume.

  • Courtney

    Frizz and dryness

  • annet

    My biggest hair issue is that it just looks drab and dull!

  • Lori Jackson

    Frizzy and dry.

  • Tanya B

    Frizziness and damaged hair are my biggest issue.

  • Juliee Fitze

    My biggest concern is lack of volume and is very fine.

  • Lygophilia

    My biggest hair issue is dryness from the colouring and heat I use.

  • Lynn Mathieu

    My hair concern is lack of shine n volume!

  • heather baker

    My hair is dry and frizzes.

  • Annie-Claude

    My hair always have split ends!

  • Athena


  • Eldon L


  • Glogirl3

    My biggest hair issue is frizz!

  • Sidney

    Dryness and colour fade are my biggest issues right now. Normally it’s keeping my curly hair curly!

  • lisa bolduc

    my hair falling out!

  • pinksuzanne

    My biggest hair issue is my colour fading so quickly.

  • natasha s.

    friz!! My hair puffs up like i put my finger in the light socket! I hate it!

  • lori b

    frizzy and thinning

  • Dayna Corriveau Wilson

    Limpness and lack of volume.

  • Amy

    Split ends and thinning

  • Alysha Johnson

    my ends are damaged and dry due to coloring

  • sarah sar

    Frizzy dry hair is my problem!

  • stacey dempsey

    My biggest hair issue is that whenever it is rainging or humid outside my hair gets frizzy and poofs out

  • stacey h

    i have thick frizzy hair – its hard to control, so i always end up pulling into a ponytail

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I have dry dull looking hair! That is my biggest issue with my hair. 🙁

  • Emily C

    I have an oily scalp and dry ends.

  • mohammad anjum

    dry ends

  • Sunshine g

    The dreaded frizzies…

  • ToCo

    Split ends!

  • Crystal Englot

    breakage is my biggest issue with my hair! Oh and frizz! lol

  • Infohound 2b

    Frizz and not shiny enough.

  • Lillian Mo

    Fine hair with an oily scalp

  • Alexia Harvours

    Dry flyaway hair would be my hair issue. (Wendy Lange)

  • Wendy Hutton

    My biggest hair issue is oily hair. Have to wash it daily which I hate doing.

  • jonnieh

    Frizz is my biggest issue…it’s a never ending fight!

  • Ashley Lauren

    keeping my color bright and dryness is my issue!

  • Holly O’Gorman

    My hair is very dry and damaged

  • Kristine E

    Kristine Ewa;d- my hair is falling out a bit from having a baby so it is frizzy nd getting damaged

  • Jennifer L. G.

    I would love this! Need to keep my expensive hair color 🙂

  • Cherie Montorio

    My biggest hair issue is dry hair.

  • Robyn B.

    My biggest issue is frizzies.

  • Anna W

    I have long hair that tangles easily with split ends.

  • Brenda Penton

    My biggest hair issue is dry, thinning hair

  • Tammy D

    My hair is thin and get frizzy and tangled

  • Darci Paice-Bailey

    probably my biggest issue is the fuzzies!

  • Amy Lovell

    my biggest issue is too much volume! Which makes my hair frizzy and poofy and just awful!

  • flowerchild23

    My hair has no volume

  • Cathy Canton

    tangles is a problem

  • DonRobb

    I love to change my hair
    This will be just he thing

  • Yuen Ch

    I don’t want my coloured hair to fade

  • missbobloblaw

    I hate losing my faux-burn colouring so fast!

  • Nicolthe pickle

    Mine is dry fine hair.

  • Karine

    Keeping it look healthy with coloring

  • Darby

    It gets frizzy in the summer

  • karla

    oily,fine,thin,frizzy,flyaway,messy what a state hair!

  • Kayla Gilbert

    My biggest hair problem is frizzyness!

  • Heidi C.

    Frizzy, thin hair is what I have to deal with…

  • Natalia

    My biggest problem with hair is its oilness

  • hofken

    My biggest hair issue is covering up the gray

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    Hi! My biggest issue with my hair is that it’s fine. I have a lot of hair but it’s flat. Thank-you for the chance in this fun giveaway!

  • Crystal Postalwait Morton

    My biggest issues with my hair is it just dont grow like it uses too and ir has no body.

  • Erika E

    My biggest hair issue is dryness and split ends.

  • BaileyDexter

    For me my biggest issue is having the frizzy hair in the morning and then later though the day!

  • Victoria Ess

    My biggest hair problem right now is flat hair.

  • Lisa

    My biggest hair issue is that it is very dull and lackluster

  • May

    My hair is so flat!

  • angela mitchell

    My hair gets frizzy and wavy when it gets humid or wet so it’s hard to control.

  • favgreen

    As a new red head keeping the colour fresh!
    via Rhonda Greig

  • JustPlainSuzi

    straw dry from the pool!

  • Larker

    Keeping my colour vibrant and my hair moisturized and soft

  • Julie

    Very fine hair!

  • julie_bolduc

    My biggest hair issue is FRIZZ

  • Judy Cowan

    Dryness and no shine

  • Erin

    My hair is always so flat…

  • Jenness M

    My hair is way too frizzy!

  • Darlene Carbajal

    My biggest hair issue is that it gets dry really fast when it’s hot.

  • alice f

    My hair looks tired….it is dry and has lost it’s luster!

  • Jenny Major

    split ends

  • jenn huey

    My hair needs hydration bad!

  • Amy

    I have fine hair

  • Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux

    My hair is dry and thinning as well as brittle.

  • Lee-Ann

    Frizziness..and I hate it!

  • Andrea Amy

    split ends, breakage and the frizzies!

  • Karry Knisley

    My hair is very fine and thin. It needs some volume

  • Susan T.

    My hair is very dry and looks like straw! 🙁