Turn It Up Challenge #2: The Five Minute Face with P&G Beauty + Giveaway!

Ugh.  There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning only to realize that you turned off your alarm, overslept, and now have precious little time to get yourself ready and out the door.  I know we’ve all been there and it’s never fun.  I’m not one to run out the door looking like I just rolled out of bed, so I put together my 5 minute face using some great P&G Beauty products (Olay, Herbal Essences & CoverGirl!).  When I say 5 minutes, I mean it – I timed myself while I threw this quick look on and made it through before the buzzer went!

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Let’s start with the face.  I like to wake myself up by giving my skin a quick wash in the morning, and the Olay Fresh Effects {Out of this Swirled} Deep Pore Clean & Exfoliating Scrub is the perfect wake up call.  It had gentle exfoliating beads to help get rid of any dry skin and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.  I like to follow this up with Olay Fresh Effects {Dew Over!} Hydrating Gel Moisturizer to hydrate and get my skin prepped, then give my eyes a boost with Olay Fresh Effects {Bright on Schedule} Eye Awakening Cream – the “metal ball” applicator is cool and soothing and really helps to de-puff tired eyes.  I actually noticed a difference right away (hint: to make this even better, keep it in the fridge for a real cooling feeling).

As for quick makeup on the go, I like to start off with Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizing Cream.  It’s lightweight, helps to even out skintone for a brighter look and masks minor imperfections.  I like to add a little colour, so I added some CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Ginger Flame to my lids and Crystal Flame to the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up.  I also added a little liner using CoverGirl Ink It! in Black Ink before throwing on a couple of coats some CoverGirl Clump Crush Mascara (one of my absolute favourite mascaras).  Finally, I added a little moisture and shine to my lips with CoverGirl Lipsticks Smoochies Lip Balm in #BeSweet.

For speedy hair, I find it’s easiest to throw it up in a quick bun.  I try to shower the night before when I know I’m going to be up early and spritz on some Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Silkening Spray to keep my locks feeling soft when I wake up.  Give it a quick twist and pin it up, spray it with some Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Hairspray to keep it in place, and you’re good to go!

Do you ever find yourself in a hurry and needing a quick solution?  Enter to win a pack full of all the P&G goodies you need to get yourself out the door:

  • Olay Fresh Effects {Out of this Swirled} Deep Pore Clean & Exfoliating Scrub
  • Olay Fresh Effects {Bright on Schedule} Eye Awakening Cream
  • Olay Fresh Effects {Dew Over!} Hydrating Gel Moisturizer
  • Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizing Cream
  • CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • CoverGirl Lipsticks Smoochies Lip Balm in #BeSweet
  • Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Shampoo
  • Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Condition’er
  • Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Silkening Spray
  • Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Hairspray

Enter via the form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.

  • Dreena

    Wash face, apply face oil, concealer, blush, lipstick – always have to have lipstick. Hair in ponytail.

  • Lynn Mathieu

    St Ives Green tea Scrub followed by collagen elastin facial moisturizer.For my body.StIves oatmeal and shea butter wash followed by their skin renewing body cream!

  • blessedta

    Eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

  • pinksuzanne

    Wash my face with my cleanser, CC cream, mascara and lipgloss.

  • Heidi C.

    Gentle skin cleansing followed by moisturizer, some concealer, mascara and a swipe of lip gloss!

  • Glogirl3

    I apply foundation, concealer, powder and lip gloss.

  • JustPlainSuzi

    Quick wash, rinse, eyeliner, mascara and out the door! (Suzi)

  • annet

    I usually splash my water with hot and cold water, add some tinted lipbalm, some blush and a bit of mascara and I’m done!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  • sarah sar

    I wash my face with a splash of cold water in the morning, then use concealer on the undereyes and any scars/blemishes. Slap on some lip gloss and I’m off!

  • angela mitchell

    I do a quick eyebrow touch up, moisturize, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss.

  • Amy

    Sunscreen, foundation, powder, mascara and lip gloss

  • Mai Tran

    Suncream, L’oreal foundation, Lumene matte powder.

  • Niki T.

    Sunscreen, BB cream, powder, mascara, blush and lip balm/gloss.

  • Brenda Penton

    BB cream, blush, mascara, and lip gloss

  • ginette4

    I use moisturizer daily and sometimes mascara

  • Danielle

    BB Cream, lip gloss and mascara

  • BB cream, mascara and a lippie – and maybe a little eyeshadow.

  • Nancy

    CC or BB cream + liner + mascara + gloss

  • angie

    I have really short hair so as long as I can blow dry it quickly and put on some mascara and BB cream, that will do in a 5 minute pinch:)

  • Loris Ayoub

    eye liner and mascara

  • Emily C

    Moisturiser, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick.

  • melzzzzzzzzz

    foundation, eyeliner, mascara is the bare basics. if i have time, i’ll contour with a nice matte bronzer

  • Most mornings I go for the face. I use primer, CC Cream, blush, under-eye concealer, and powder. If I’m having a good face day, I’ll skip most of that and just do soft pink shadow on the lids, eyeliner and mascara!

  • jonnieh

    BB Cream, lip gloss and mascara

  • Lushka Smith

    Eye shadow, liner, mascara, lipstick/gloss

  • flowerchild23

    Concealer, powder foundation, mascara, blush and lip gloss

  • lisa bolduc

    foundation, concealer, mascara, and lipstick

  • Lygophilia

    My five minute beauty routine consists of applying an Olay SPF moisturizer, MAC pro longwear compact foundation, NYC powder, blush, mascara, and lip gloss.On the days I require a quick look I use these products and wear a hat. Hats are an awesome way to hide that I didn’t have time to fill in and perfect my brows.

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    My five minute beauty routine is to use some Nivea cream to hydrate my face, and some masacara and khol for my eyes, sometimes I alaso use a lipbalm, but not laways!
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    My five minute is Olay moisturizer, under eye cream and lip gloss. Voila!

  • Erin

    My 5 minute face is mascara and eye liner. I’ll maybe get lip gloss if I can remember!

  • Liquid liner, concealer and mascara!

  • latanya t

    foundation, mascara, and lip gloss

  • Shari D

    Blush, lip gloss and mascara.

  • Victoria Ess

    My five-minute routine is gel eyeliner, mascara, and lip balm.

  • Belinda McNabb

    foundation, lip gloss, blush and eyeshadow

  • Serum, sunscreen, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick.

  • hofken

    Bar soap, toner, moisturizer, lipgloss and mascara

  • jessica chan

    just cherry chapstick and I’m out the door!

  • Julie Rod.

    cleanse, moisturize and eyeliner-ize

  • Carla S

    I put on mascara, concealer, and lipgloss.

  • May

    I moisturize, use BB cream, mascara and lipgloss!

  • Rebby Roberts

    Eye liner, mascara, bronzer, lip gloss, done!

  • jemrah

    BB cream and lip tint.

  • jamiesgot

    liner and gloss!

  • Karen H

    Mascara and lip gloss.

  • Karine

    primer, cc cream, mascara

  • julimi

    a bit of powder and gloss


  • Donna

    I use concealer and eyeliner

  • Linda

    I always use eyeliner, mascara and some lip balm

  • Ka .

    Moisturizer for the face, a dab of bb cream, eye liner

  • Joyce

    YSL Touche Eclait is my secret.

  • MarKeeMarK

    Wash Face + Moisturize

  • Kevin (Vancity)

    I wash my face with Boire Men

  • Doris

    I wash and moisturize daily with Oil of Olay.

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    I wash daily and moisturize …dab some BB cream & lip gloss

  • Marie

    cleanse, moisturize, concealer, eyeliner and mascara.

  • Radhika K

    cleanse and moisturize

  • Deborah Gardner

    BB cream & mascara is my 5 minute routine!