Essie Sumer 2014 Collection (Photos + Swatches)

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For me, summer is the season of colour.  It’s all about rocking big, bold shades and playing around with different combinations.  There’s no need to be shy, and I think that the Essie Summer 2014 collection fits perfectly into this mentality.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t really think it’s the most cohesive collection.  That being said, there are some real standouts which will be sure to give your summer look a big boost.

“The temperature is rising.  It’s an urban jungle out there.  Why be a damsel in distress when you can be haute in the heat?  Strut your stuff in a colourful summery dress that helps you to stay cool calm and totally fierce, no fear.  A few ruffles & feathers add powerful punctuation that completes the look.  Shout it from the rooftops; roarrrange is the new black.”

Take a look at swatches of the collection below and let me know what you think of this collection in the comments!

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Essie Urban Jungle – irresistable alabaster orchid.  I think there’s nothing like a bold, white polish in the summer.  It’s stark contrast suits the warmer weather.  This polish applies really well in 2 coats for a really pigmented white. Love.

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Essie Fierce, No Fear – Intense cocoa mahogany.  This is the one shade in this collection that just isn’t really doing it for me.  IT’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, but just not the right fit for my summer style.  It just feels a little too muted for my taste.

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Essie Roarrrange – unstoppable, bold orange.  Again, not a personal favourite from this collection but this orange does have a really nice, tropical sunset feel to it.  Very pigmented and the perfect shade for someone with a nice tan going on.

essie strut your stuff, essie strut your stuff swatch, essie summer 2014, essie summer swatch, essie summer 2014 swatches

Essie Strut Your Stuff – compelling cobalt aqua.  I swear, this shade is absolutely electric and is hands down my favourite from this collection.  It looks great in the bottle but I swear is transforms the second you apply it.  It a shade that screams “LOOK AT MY SWEET MANI” and is going to grab attention.  Now the hard part – I can’t decide whether I like it better as a mani or pedi shade.  One thing to note – this does have a tendency to stain and it took a little work to get it completely off the nails.  Make sure you use a base coat!

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Essie Ruffles & Feathers – powerful peacock teal.  Another pretty shade with the feel of the tropics all over it.  I’ve got visions of palm trees and rainforests in my head when I’ve got this on my nails.  Pretty and lots of fun, I think this shade perfectly captures the essence of summer.

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Essie Haute in the Heat – unforgettable hot guava.  I’m in love with this raspberry-hued polish.  It’s such a warm, sexy shade that makes me think of dancing the night away on a patio or watching sunsets on the beach.


What do you think about the Essie Summer 2014 Collection? Which shades are your favourites?

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    Lovely swatches!
    I love the Essie brand!
    Have a fab weekend!

  • Sidney

    I love the alabaster white nails…very clean and current looking.

  • Guppy

    I guess the pink and blue are nice but really none of them are all that new or exciting to me…

  • Jenn E

    I love white or nude nails so I’m so glad to hear that you like Urban Jungle ! I love Ruffles & Feathers as well!

  • Victoria Ess

    I love the white! It’s gorgeous!

  • PrettyLittleLiar412

    I rly love that blue, strut your stuff. It’s so pretty! Thanks for the swatches!

  • loredana marin

    UU so pretty…they shine beautiful.The blue one is my favourite.

  • annet

    The White is really stunning! They are all so beautiful!

    Anne Taylor

  • PrettyLittleLiar412

    I’m really liking the blues and I think I had yet to try this brand! Lol I’ve tried literally every other brand…

  • Melinda Jana

    Love the Roarrange and Ruffles & Feathers. Such bold and vibrant colours.

  • Holly

    Ruffles & Feathers is my fave!!