Lady Speedstick Nutra-Skin Review + Giveaway

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Now that we’ve finally shaken off winter (for the most part), skin can be left parched and thirsty… And in need of some major TLC.  Now that the warmer weather is starting to show up it will soon be time for sleeveless tops that show some skin.  While you’re baring it in the sun, your underarms will naturally be exposed, and they’re going to need some loving as well.  Between the dryness, tighter clothing and funny shaving habits (let’s face it, we aren’t as vigilant during the winter), underarms are left dry and in need of moisture.  This is exactly where the new Lady Speedstick Nutra-Skin with Vitamin E comes into play.

Winter is hard on our hands, cuticles, feet and even our underarms. Tight sweaters, irregular shaving, perspiration and dry air can really affect that precious underarm real estate over the course of the long winter. Before you bare it, prepare it! Nutra-Skin, a new product from Lady SpeedStick*, provides moisturizers to soothe and nourish your sensitive underarm area without sacrificing the protection you need and expect from your anti-perspirant.” – Kristen Wood, The Ten Spot CEO & Creator

These 2 new antiperspirants (it comes in both stick and roll-on form) do double duty.  While they offer 24 hour wetness and odour protection, they also help to moisturise and soothe the skin.  They’re packed with skin conditioning emollients to help quench your underarm’s thirst so you can look good in tank top weather.

Lady Speedstick Nutri-skin, lady speedstick, the ten spot, antiperspirant, beauty blog, canadian beauty blog

The crew at Lady Speedstick know just how important it is to get all your dehydrated parts moisturised and ready for the warm weather so they sent me to The Ten Spot (a fab beauty and wax bar chain) to take in the “Thirsty Three Experience.”  This takes care of three of your driest body parts with a manicure, pedicure and underarm wax.  Such a great way to get ready for the warmth, and the Lady Speedstick Nutra-Skin is perfect for use after the underarm wax. Now since I’m not the only one suffering from a little dryness right now they’ve decided to hook one of you up with the Thirsty Three Experience as well!  Please note that this must be done by April 30th at one of The Ten Spot locations (you can check them out here).  Want to get pampered a little?  Enter below!
Lady Speedstick + Thirsty Three Experience Giveaway

  • jemrah

    with use of a nice moisturizing shaving cream; lots of moisturizers after showering; and any time I think of it!

  • melzzzzzzzzz

    I did an extensive deep exfoliation a few weeks ago, and then I coated my body in body shops body butter! I’m super soft 🙂

  • Darrah Bailey

    Exfoliating AND lots of good lotion <3

  • Corry Lehmann

    I’ve tried a lot of products but nothing seems to work, especially after this harsh winter! Would love the chance to see if this helps!

  • Moongazing

    I use a great moisturizing shower gel.

  • Debbie Spence

    I use body butter, but not on my underarms. I’d love to give this a try.

  • lori b

    normally I go for a body wrap at a spa

  • Elena

    I use body lotion daily

  • Tracey Lynne

    body lotion every day!

  • Emily C

    Apply body lotion straight after getting out of the shower

  • Shauna

    Drink lots of water and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, especially after a shower!

  • JustPlainSuzi

    I have tried using body butter but I’m still feeling dry! 🙁

  • mae lin

    I just use body lotion from Bath and Body shop!

  • sarah sar

    I use Palmer’s cocoa butter for my dry itchy skin and drink lots of water!

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    HI! It’s nothing fancy but I’ve always used Lady Speed Stick. It works!! Thank-you

  • AJ Corrigan

    Have bought too much of this stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart for the females in my household. Winning this contest would relieve my wallet a bit!

  • Rachel

    I use lots of body lotion!

  • DannyHel

    Thanks for the contest:)

  • allytcat

    I use body butters!

  • Nancy

    Exfoliate + lotion afterwards!

  • Kristine E

    exfoliate and a body butter

  • Anne-Caroline Savard

    I’d like to try!

  • spamgirl

    Shian Naturals Body Butter

  • Francine F.

    moisturizing lotion all winter long!

  • I use Haus of Gloi body butters all winter long to keep my skin hydrated!

  • Victoria Ess

    I use coconut oil and body butters.

  • pairofdox

    I use moisture lotions.

  • Courtney

    Exfoliation and body butter

  • Denny Phan

    Moisture lotions all the way

  • julia g

    Body butter and lotion.

  • Lucija Lončar

    Body butter

  • Jenny Major


  • elaing8

    I use a lot of body lotion

  • Leigh-Ann Murphy

    I use lotion year round to try and counter the dryness when winter comes.

  • Betty Spry

    Its a real struggle, I have been trying body butters, as well as lotions

  • latanya t

    body oils

  • latanya t

    follow you on pinterest as sweetums82 not sweetums821. I tried to edit it, but it would not allow me too.

  • Juliee Fitze

    I use body butter to help keep my skin moisturized

  • Francine F.

    I’ve always wanted to try out The Ten Spot!

  • Pauline Gorczycki