Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Because I Love You

So I figured that since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I love all of you, I should express my love.  I thought about writing a poem or drawing you a picture, but I just felt like those wouldn’t be as fun as what I eventually ended up going with.  So what did I decide to do?  Run a giveaway for you, my lovely followers, of course!


As a thank you for sticking with me and as a token of my appreciation and undying love, I want to give one of you a set that includes some great products for pretty nails.  Included: 2 sets of Broadway Nails imPRESS Press on Manicures (LOVE these), a set of Quo by Orly polishes, Witchcraft Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil and some Kiss Nail Artist stickers to add a little drama to your nails.

Enter to win via the Rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • jemrah

    Kermit the Frog!

  • Christina Ferguson

    I am with the perfect Valentine…my fiance. 🙂

  • Judy Cowan

    I already have my perfect Valentine and I am married to him!

  • Miss Tapia

    My perfect Valentine is my boyfriend. He knows what I like so I don’t have to worry about getting a crappy gift. Lol

  • Darrah Bailey

    I’d say that my hubby wins <3 He's perfect.

  • Lindsay Carmichael

    I had the perfect Valentine, but he recently left me broken hearted. So this year, my Valentine will be my puppy.

  • Joanne Saunders

    Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt

  • Belinda Swim

    My Lee

  • Carolle Hall

    My perfect Valentine is my boyfriend 😉

  • A PUPPY. My boyfriend and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I would never say no to a dog!

  • Marta K

    Is this open to international followers?
    Thank you!

  • marsbar35

    Jack Farthing – I have alittle crush on him 🙂

  • Shelley

    Hopefully my hubby

  • Sharon Silljer

    Someone who is honest, loyal & doesn’t take advantage of me! I just haven’t met him yet!

  • annet

    that would be my husband!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  • Brenda Penton

    My hubby would be my perfect valentine

  • debbie jackson

    My hubby I guess

  • Courtney

    My husband!! <3

  • Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk

    My husband.)

  • kathy downey

    my hubby for sure

  • Amy

    A box of chocolates haha

  • Carrie Finbow

    My girlfriend

  • flowerchild23

    My husband

  • Rangi Wijerathne

    Obviously my boyfriend(in the future that is, since I’m single at the moment) 🙂

  • Everyone is being so sweet and cheesy picking their significant others. I’d totally choose Ryan Gosling, lol.

  • Heidi C.

    My husband!

  • Amy

    My husband

  • vânia madureira

    My boyfriend 🙂

  • Myriam Bén Ncir

    spend it in bed 🙂

  • Federica Sbordone

    My boyfriend of course

  • Ray Ray Cartucci

    Being with my kiddo is pretty perfect….but I wouldn’t mind Ryan Gosling being there either….or my husband.

  • Melinda Jana

    I’m hoping my BF would be…

  • Lynn M.

    My husband!

  • Guest

    Is this open to international followers?
    Thank you!

  • pinksuzanne

    My husband is my perfect valentine

  • Erin

    My husband is my perfect Valentine.

  • Tammy Campbell

    my perfect valentine is a bubble bath ad a glass of wine

  • julie_bolduc

    My soul mate my hubby

  • zahra premji

    My fiance who was my best friend before we started dating

  • Athena

    My Hubby

  • Heather

    Me, myself, and I! All the single ladies put your hands up!

  • Heather Holmberg

    I am happy being my own valentine. I have been single for 6 years and I love it !!! but I wouldnt turn down a date from Jared Leto .. that is for sure !

  • Lygophilia

    My man is my perfect Valentine and this year we are celebrating our 10th together.

  • Nikki Estelle

    My Boyfriend will always be my perfect Valentine!

  • Karine

    My boyfriend! hah

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    My boyfriend, of course!

  • Lisa Scott

    My husband is my perfect Valentine.

  • davisesq212

    My cat Flip.

  • razia kassam

    MY HUBBY is my perfect valentine.. has been for almost 8years

  • Tanya B

    MY better half Jay 🙂

  • angela mitchell

    My husband is my perfect valentine of course:)

  • Shari D

    My perfect Valentine has been my hubby of 33 years!

  • Dayna Corriveau Wilson

    Hugh Jackman. Or my husband. I guess. 😉

  • Mims Wilton

    My husband unless i could have thor, or johnny depp…..or thor…..

  • Victoria Ess

    My partner IS my perfect valentine!

  • Sunshine g

    I’m going to be a cheeseball and say my husband! (Although I could also mention Orlando Bloom…)

  • Angela

    my boyfriend! but if I had to pick a celeb, it would be Ryan Gosling!

  • Belinda McNabb

    My boyfriend would be and is

  • My husband is and always will be. 🙂

  • billiondollarprincesss

    Tom Brady if he wasn’t married

  • Alice Beerland

    My boyfriend is my perfect Valentine! Cheesy but what can I say, I love him…

  • Denise F

    My husband if he remembers how to be romantic!

  • Lori Bazan

    My perfect Valentine would be my husband..he rocks my world!

  • monica b

    my boyfriend 🙂

  • liz l

    My husband

  • ArwenLalaith

    Paget Brewster

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    Me, myself, and I. lol 🙂

  • Tiff Williamson

    Someone who loves and appreciates me…since that person doesn’t exist at the moment, I will happily settle for my dog!

  • Vicki Shaw

    Joesph Gordon Levitt or Alex Pettyfer.

  • Kelly H.

    My fiance 🙂

  • Darby

    my hubby!

  • Carla Allio

    My husband 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Jennifer Snyder

    My bf 🙂 he’s my soulmate 🙂

  • Christy DuBois

    My perfect Valentines are my two daughters!! They make me understand unconditional love to the fullest.

  • Kristi Vasquez

    My husband! 🙂

  • Leah Michalewicz

    perfect valentine for me would be some guy with a nice beard who gives me nail polish ahahaha

  • Raquel Alvarado

    my bf 🙂

  • Suzi

    My partner! 🙂

  • donna ostrander

    My hubby of course

  • Elisabeth

    My hubby!

  • jessica chan

    my husband =)

  • My Husband of course! Lol 🙂

  • kam77

    My wife!!!!

  • Jenna O

    It would be the guy I met yesterday 😉 And we are gonna meet tomorrow again 😛

  • KellyPC

    My sweet hubby!

  • My boyfriend is my perfect valentine!

  • Jordanka Patricia Pulido

    my husband

  • Kathie Craig

    My husband James is my perfect Valentine.

  • Megan Russell

    My boyfriend, who will be my best friend and lover for the rest of our lives.

  • notesandnails

    my husband!

  • Brandy Davis

    My husband Mr. Davis : )

  • Yan D.

    my bf

  • Cogito Ergosum

    me! 🙂

  • Puspita Sari

    my husband and my son <3

  • Amie Wisz

    My hubby <3

  • Ria Alemina

    My husband ofcourse =D

  • Ivy

    My perfect Valentines are my kids!

  • My hubby! ♥

    ps I’m Elena Rudaya in the Rafflecopter form

  • hedgehogi

    My Husband! He is an amazing man! at gmail dot com

  • bruna ginammi

    my housband and my son

  • joy Infinity

    My boyfriend

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    My husband!
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  • sara rai

    Thanks for the giveaway:) my family:)

  • Joana Da Silva

    My boyfriend ahah

  • Arianne Mae

    my boyfie:)

  • Alina Ionescu

    my boyfriend 🙂

  • Zori Dotzeva

    Great giveaway!:)Mu boyfriend

  • Dora B. Trani

    Il mio fidanzato!!!!

  • Lyudmila

    my friend

  • Анастасия

    my boyfriend)

  • Flávia Alves

    my boyfriend of course!

  • Mai Tran

    My bookworm man and our ADHD weimaraner 🙂

  • Petra Vadas

    i’m not gonna avoid the cliche and just say my boyfriend 🙂

  • Jessica Elizabeth Hamilton

    My daughter

  • Divya Asha

    My Boyfriend would be my perfect valentine 🙂

  • meowrina

    My boyfriend, of course 🙂

  • isa machado

    With my boyfriend! 🙂

  • Mercedes Lyne

    My man!

  • fossie55

    The Hubbie
    Florence c

  • Veronica Torres

    The BF

  • Alexei Petrov

    My wife!

  • Radi D.

    My one and only man 🙂

  • Jeanne

    My Hubby of course!!!

  • Natasha Areena

    My mom! Because we are true love <3

  • dorofte alexandra

    My hubby

  • Mimy Shop

    my housband

  • Rabia Akhter

    my sister 😀 because i am not married ehehe

  • Sania Akbar

    my hubby ..

  • astrogurt

    My boyfriend!

  • Alexia Harvours

    My son will always be my sweetest valentine!

  • Veronica Murroni

    My love!

  • Alexandra Ioana

    Mr. Robbie Williams!! haha

  • Damla_annabell_lee

    Of course my boyfriend 🙂 Or maybe Ian Somerhalder 😛

  • Marta K

    Is this open to international followers?
    Thank you!

  • Cynthia P

    My best-est friend.

  • piroska

    My hubby. :o)

  • Alice

    My girlfriend!

  • Оксана Золотухина

    My husband!

  • Clean and fresh

    My husband

  • My boyfriend Philip

  • Maya TheBee

    My boyfriend! 🙂

  • aly3360

    My boyfriends my perfect valentine. He makes everyday feel like v-day 🙂


  • KimberlyReid

    My hubby is my perfect valentine!

  • stacey dempsey

    I think a date with leonardo di caprio would sure be great lol or chris hemsworth , either would do nicely

  • Tina Ivanisevic

    A trip to Paris

  • Lee Zel

    my Family cause i love them and they are the one who really loves me 😀

  • Daphne Trumps

    my hubby or Keanu Reeves

  • sadia malik

    ryan gosling! 😛

  • Megan Joy

    My husband!

  • Celena Clause

    Tom Hiddleston!

  • delfina

    my perfect valentine would’ve been charlie hunnam!

  • jonnieh

    My husband really is my perfect Valentine.

  • chandy

    I love the impress nail! Theyre cute easy to apply and take off and not even noticeable that they are pressons