Matrix Introduces High Intensity Reds + Your Chance to WIN a Red Hair Makeover!

Matrix Hair Color, MAtrix Professional, Matrix High Intensity Red

If you follow me on Instagram or have been reading my posts for a little while, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m a full on faux-redhead.  I went red about 2 years ago, and haven’t looked back since.  It’s fun, it’s bold, and it makes you stand out in a crowd.  One of my biggest problems?  It fades quickly and requires quite a bit of upkeep to prevent orange undertones from creeping up.

When I learned that Matrix was coming out with several new shades with a dedicated formula and a focus on reds – Matrix High Intensity Reds – I was ecstatic.  These shades were specifically developed to create colour that is more vibrant and longer lasting while it combast the problem of orange undertones that tend to develop after a few washes.  Not only that, but they promise colour that stays truer for up to 8 weeks.  Traditionally, red hair colours tend to fall either into cool reds (with hits of violet that absorb light to mute the red) or warm reds (with hits of copper that reflect to boost red intensity), and these new shades found the perfect balance between the two – pure cool reds, which takes the best parts of both of these to create intense, lasting colour.  As a result, 3 gorgeous new red shades were born:

Matrix Hair Color, MAtrix Professional, Matrix High Intensity Red

The new PR6 technology which was used to develop these shades (Matrix is the first and only brand in Canada to launch this) has 4 main benefits:

  • Unique taste of colour
  • More intense
  • Longer lasting
  • Powerful, fully saturated colour

Exciting, right?  And based on what we’ve seen on the pre-fall runways, now is the time to go red.  With oxblood continuing to make a splash in the fashion world, the sexy, wine red shade is definitely here to stay.  Why not take it up a notch and get your hair up to date with this “it” colour?

Matrix Hair Color, MAtrix Professional, Matrix High Intensity Red

So, here’s the deal – I’m going to be giving these new Matrix Colorinsider High Intensity Reds a try in a few weeks and I’m really excited.  Why?  Well, first of all, I love being a redhead and can’t wait to see how these new shades perform.  Secondly, I’m going to be giving 3 of you a chance to come spend a day with me at the L’Oreal Academy in Toronto where you will get to experience your own red hair makeover!  If you’ve ever wanted to go red or have already gone red but need an upgrade, you have to enter this contest.  Now of course, there are a few conditions that I need to get out of the way before we can get to the entry form, so here we go:

  • Winners must be able to travel into Toronto for the makeover (transportation won’t be provided, so this contest is best for those located within the GTA)
  • Winners must be willing to have a red hair makeover using one of the new Matrix Colorinsider High Intensity Red shades
  • Winners must be available on Thursday, March 6th, 2014 for the makeover session at the L’Oreal Academy

Phew.  Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!  To enter this contest for a chance to win one of three Matrix High Intensity Red makeovers, use the Rafflecopter form below!  Good luck to all those who enter!

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  • I haven’t been red since I was 5. It would be awesome to try on my birth colour!

  • I totally wish I was in Ontario for this. When I dye my hair, I usually go full on dark red, but I agree that it fades so fast. Shade 4RV+ looks incredible!

  • Steffi Munro

    My colour is looking pretty dull and I think red would be a fantastic change!

  • Belinda

    I absolutely need this. The reason I want this is because I haven’t been red-haired for ages. Not for lack of trying though. I’ve tried and tried and tried to go back to red because I think it’s SUCH a beautiful colour. But no matter what I do, I always end up with red roots and the rest of my hair doesn’t take. It’s so sad. I’ve tried almost every option available other than the salon because I was told that it would cost over $400 to strip my hair, and then the person said that she can’t even guarantee it would work! So yeah, that is why I need this lol.

    Bee Skuta

  • zeta_mcmillan

    I am a big lover of red hair and I think this is an awesome giveaway. My hair needs to be coloured pronto and Red is my fave!

  • Angela

    RED is sexy and always gives your hair that boost it needs!

  • marsbar35

    I would love to have red highlight on my fair blonde hair

  • gayle b

    2014 is going to be a banner year for me, time to shake things up, make some changes and take some chances, what better time to have a standout, drop dead gorgeous hair color. I’m graying now, started early but really miss the strawberry blonde of my youth, remember always wishing I’d had more red in it. Not in the immediate GTA but can definitely be there for the day on the date required! Thanks for this opportunity, this would be such a wonderful treat!

  • spamgirl

    My hair is an ugly shade of yuck and I need help!

  • Iulia Zwicker

    I was really vibrant red before and I LOVED IT!! But it faded fast, and I couldn’t keep up with it! These colours look awesome…I’d love to try it!

  • zeta_mcmillan

    I enjoyed reading your DIY blog post on using coconut oil on your hair.

  • DannyHel

    I like myself with red highlights, change is always good!

  • zeta_mcmillan

    I enjoy your blog posts….thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Amy Livesay Hart

    My husbands favorite hair color on me is red.

  • Heidi C.

    I have always wanted to go red!

  • razia kassam

    would love a change havent dyed my hair for years..

  • Sidney

    I like you am frustrated by reds that don’t last! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a redhead and have tried about four different brands in almost as many months. It would be great to try something more professional…it just might lift me out of my winter doldrums! Thanks for the great post…I am your newest follower!

  • morgancadenhead

    I’m currently a faux red head myself and would love to give this a shot. Looks amazing!

  • Diana Powell

    I’m turning 40 this year and it would be awesome to have a new look to go with a big birthday.

  • Beverly Emmott

    I need a change from blonde and brown. Red seems to be the next logical step