Feel Good, Look Good with the Honeywell Airgenius 5 (+giveaway!)

Ugh.  The dreaded flus and colds that come with the winter season are nothing to laugh about.  We’ve all been there – your head is throbbing, your nose won’t stop running, your eyes are red and all you want to do is lay in bed for days.  There’s nothing worse than being out of commission, and we all know that a major part of looking good is feeling good.  You can cake on the foundation and concealer but it’s nearly impossible to hide the fact that you feel like the walking dead.

Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner

I’ve been trying out a “genius” product that helps to fight back against colds and flus before they have a chance to get to you – the Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner ($249.99 at Target, 5-year limited warranty) which is designed to help purify the air in your home, meaning you have the upper hand against airborn bacteria and germs.  This air cleaner operates on 5 different settings depending on your needs: sleep (the lowest setting, nice and quiet), germs (perfect for this time of year), general, allergen (a must for spring) and max.  It has an easy to use touch screen so you can adjust it to the settings that you need, from the type of clean, oscillating action to the level of light that shines from it.  It uses QuietClean ifD technology that is quiet and runs very efficiently, trapping 99.9% of particles that pass through its filters (this includes particles as small as 0.3 micros – 250 times smaller than the width of human hair).

I like who smoothly and quietly this runs.  I’ve had it going in my bedroom for a month now and I don’t even notice it when I’m sleeping.  I’ve been running it on the germ setting and (knock on wood), haven’t gotten sick yet, even when other members of the family have had some nasty colds.  I’ve also noticed the air does seem to be cleaner and fresher – especially nice considering I’ve got a lovely dog who leaves hair and dust everywhere!  I also have to mention my favourite feature of this air cleaner, which is the low maintenance it needs to run.  This doesn’t require replacement filters – all you need to do is was the filter 4 times a year in the sink to keep it clean and running well.

I’ve also got some tips from Dr. David Greenberg to help fight back against colds and flus and to make the most of an air purifier:

  • Dust has a way of finding its way into the home and collecting as soon as you wipe your furniture and countertops clean. Help reduce airborne dust particles with an air purifier. All Honeywell air purifiers are proven effective at capturing up to 95% or more of the dust that passes through their filters.
  • Warm drinks help thin mucus, making you less likely to cough. You can also try adding teatime staples like honey and lemon to boost the cough-stopping power.
  • Your immune system is constantly fighting germs, especially during cold and flu season! While you can’t avoid being exposed to sneezes and coughs in public, you can help reduce airborne germs living in your home. The Honeywell AirGenius has 5 intuitive settings, including a germs setting that is proven to reduce germs, including certain bacteria, viruses and fungi from the air that passes through the unit.
  • Encourage kids to stay active, even during winter months. Light exercise can help clear respiratory mucus & helps strengthen the immune system. Yoga is a great option for adults.
  • Mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 8-12 oz. of water can soothe the stomach and fight colds.

I also have a Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner to give away to one of you so you can keep your air clean and germ free – and continue to look fab! Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted.  I always have other giveaway going on though – keep checking the giveaways page to stay up to date on the latest contests!


  • saskmom

    I try to eat healthy and get plenty of rest.

  • jemrah

    Lots of handwashing; drinking lots of water; avoiding sick people!

  • Darrah Bailey

    Taking vitamins and eating a healthy diet <3

  • melzzzzzzzzz

    I wash my hands 24/7 and carry around B&BW anti bacterials

  • flowerchild23

    Drink plenty of water and wash my hands

  • Lyndadawinda

    Steer clear of those who are sick and wash my hands.

  • annet

    Lots of hand washing and taking care of ourselves in general.

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  • lisa bolduc

    i ususally try to drink lots of oj if i feel i am getting sick

  • Amy

    Lots of hand washing and drinking lots of water.

  • MrDisco3

    frequent hand washing. the best defense.

  • J_numbers

    Good, healthy soup, plenty of liquids, and as much quiet rest I can muster.

  • julie_bolduc

    Wash our hands all the time

  • jonnieh

    I try to stay in and get lots of rest if I`m already sick. To avoid it in the first place I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer a lot!

  • staceydempsey

    I always get a flu shot and lots of hand washing usually helps

  • Nancy

    Sleeping, water, gin and spinning help me 😉 but not my boyfriend when he’s sick…

  • Kristen Duever

    hot ginger and lemon tea

  • Athena

    Vitamin C and make sure you dress warm when outside.

  • May

    Frequent hand washing, drinking lots of tea.

  • Victoria Ess

    Drink lots of water and take Vitamin C

  • sara rai

    Drink honey lemon tea:)

  • Dayna Corriveau Wilson

    Lots of vitamin C, lots of handwashing.

  • Nicole W

    I wash my hands A LOT, drink lots of water, and I take lots of Echinacea and Vitamin C if I feel a cold coming on. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  • Heather Holmberg

    I wash my hands and use anti bacterial hand sanitizer a lot ..and I always make sure I am well hydrated

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    I make sure I drink lots of water, dress appropriately for the weather and get lots of sleep.

  • Rayray Cartucci

    Well,we try to keep everything clean,wash hands all the time but my poor kiddo stays sick anyway.

  • Shauna

    I work in a daycare, so I wash my hands about 80 plus times a day. I also avoid touching my face, eyes, nose, etc, and wipe down all light switches and door knows each week with sanizitizing wipes.

  • pinksuzanne

    Washing your hands is the #1 way to avoid colds and the flu.

  • Sunshine g

    Copious amounts of chicken soup!

  • Shari D

    I drink lots of water and get as much rest as possible.

  • Belinda McNabb

    I make sure I get plenty of rest and wash my hands often

  • Melinda Jana

    Drink lots of fluid, wash my hands often and get lots of sleep

  • Darby

    get enough sleep!

  • lizzysdarcy

    Lots of fluids.

    Rafflecopter : Jay Tee

  • torlonias

    I get lots of sleep.

    Rafflecopter – Natalie T

  • privyseel

    I exercise regularly, try and keep my stress levels low, and most importantly laugh at lot. 🙂

    Rafflecopter name ~ Rachelle T

  • michelle tremblett

    We try to eat a lot of fruit & vegs, Drink lots of orange juice and wash & sanitize hands often

  • marsbar35

    Drink lots of juices, sleep , vitamins, water…

  • Jane Gray

    I am careful when I am out and about with hand washing not touching my face etc I strive to eat well and include a home prepared fruit and veggie smoothie on a daily basis. A lot of immunity is around stress handling so I make time for me each and everyday.

  • Jenny Nicole

    I hike up the vitamins and fluid intake!

  • Danielle T

    try to stay healthy and rest and eat good! (RC name is realia mazing)

  • Heidi C.

    I try to drink a lot of water and get rest if I can!

  • Andrea

    flu shots, vitamin c daily, eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water, attempt to get enough sleep.

  • Lori Bazan

    Drink lots of water and juice!

  • Lori Jackson

    I make a homemade chicken noodle soup from scratch.

  • Sara Dhooma

    I eat lots of fruit and veggies!

  • Lady B

    I cocoon at home and drink lots of tea! (Cheryl)

  • srellok

    lots of fluids

  • Maggie Cheung

    lots of sleep and lemon water!

  • zahra premji

    Vitamin C

  • Gary Lin

    go to sleep early and drink a lot of water.

  • angela mitchell

    Lots of handwashing and avoiding people if I know they are sick:)

  • Jessica S

    we’ve been sick a lot this winter. way more than normal so maybe I need to do something differently! We are using humidifiers and washing hands as much as possible.. also using VICKS. thanks for the giveaway!

  • Tanis Sergeew

    Drink plenty of water and get lots of fresh air!

  • jaykula

    water and honey lemon tea.

  • C Tavares

    Herbal teas, plenty of rest in a ventilated room, and elderberry syrup.

  • Isaac C

    Take rest and drink a lot of water

  • Debbie Bashford

    I try and avoid sick people

  • ginette4

    Wash hands often, carry hand sanitizer and stay away from sick people

  • debH

    wash those hands! and we carry wipes and sanitizer as well

  • Todd Hochman

    rest, drink fluids, take coldfx etc, and wash and sanitze hands a lot

  • randomtrader


  • Karol C

    vitamin c

  • lancerose

    flu shot

  • Don Phillips

    First defence: flu shot.

  • May

    I would rest and wash my hands frequently!

  • Edmund Szeto

    Drinks LOTS of water and sleep a LOT. Also, eat some very fatty chicken, skin and all!

  • Judy Green

    Flu Shot. Painless.

  • audio42

    Rest, fluids and wash hands frequently.

  • Josh

    Vitamins and rest

  • Angela Erickson

    I try to fight back…but I often fail. I wash my hands frequently, drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and whine and complain until I’m better.

  • donnal1

    vitamin C

  • Crystal Englot

    I try to fight back by washing my hands frequently, increasing my Vitamin C intake in the cold and flu season, as well as disinfecting the house regularily

  • andrporter

    get lots of sleep

  • Jennifer_J89

    I fight back by getting plenty of rest, washing my hands more often than normal, cleaning more frequently, and staying away from sick people.

  • allytcat

    Sleep enough so that I don’t get run down!

  • Kasia Smith

    Vitamin C all the way

  • DannyHel

    Lots of rest and cold medicine

  • RuinerX

    Same way I fight back against everything…I balanced, healthy diet with plenty of fruits and veggies

  • Herb

    ginseng is the best

  • Jeff Ngo

    flu shots !

  • Serena Debolt

    By wiping down the doorknobs and using bleach and lysol on everything.

  • Mark

    Love the prize.

  • Harry Chahal


  • Martha

    Avoid infected people and places.

  • Lauren Martin

    Stay at home and avoid work.

  • mathewpacman

    Make sure to eat well (healthy) and keep hands clean at all times.

  • Burcu Acar

    Rest, eat healthy and wash hands

  • jontcons

    Just rest. Lots of sleep and relaxation.

  • lelalacc

    lots of rest, bundling up when going outside, taking vitamin C, and drinking real fruit juice.

    entering in rafflecopter as jen s.

  • julie g

    No sugar and lemon every day. I haven’t had a cold in 2 years.

  • Patrick Siu

    i take my daily vitamin C

  • Jasanna

    I take elderberry syrup!

  • Shoreh S

    Water, vitamins and rest

  • Grace

    always check weather forecast and wear right outfit

  • Tammi Litowitz

    I think the best defense is proper hand washing!

  • YI Hsuan Lu

    enough sleep and vitamin C

  • Cooper Lu

    flu shot

  • Donna Mitchell

    hand washing number 1

  • Justin

    Proper nutrition.

  • nicolerf

    I make sure I wash m hands frequently and thoroughly

  • Amy Heffernan

    I try by using cleaning alot and by keeping my body healthy!

  • Enrico

    this is great, thanks!!!!

  • lori b

    stay home, keep hydrated , wash hands alot,

  • benitoz

    sleep & keep warm, stay healthy

  • BaileyDexter

    Every morning I open the front door and change the air in the house for fresh!

  • Ang

    We use a humidifier when sick and try to get extra sleep.

  • Brenda Penton

    I eat healthy, stay hydrated, and keep active

  • Andrew Pham

    By keeping hydrated and making sure your daily dosage of vitamin c

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I rest and drink tea.

  • Rebby Roberts

    I take hand fuls of vitamins!

  • truckerofbc

    I drink lots of soups, garlic and vegetables and fruit and I take vitamins.

  • Kevin Smith

    Fluids, sleep and vit C is how I battle the flu.

  • julia g

    I drink a lot of water, avoid people with colds, and take my vitamins.

  • Courtney

    Eat well and disinfect regularly!

  • Plenty of rest, fluids, oregano oil, Vitamin C and fresh air.

  • Tom

    wash my hands ALL THE TIME

  • Charles

    Bundle, rest, and lots of liquids!

  • Patty Rogers George

    I use hand sanitizer and I don’t let anyone visit if they have a cold, but if one happens I eat chicken noodle soup and have a hot toddy before bedtime

  • archy0050

    vitamins and lots of rest!

  • Bree

    rest, and constant sanatizing of phone, keyboard, doorknobs ect

  • Mike Bachand

    don’tcha put your fingers in your mouth!

  • Mike

    Sit back and relax at home whilst drinking a cup of tea with lemon

  • Shan H

    Good and frequent hand washing and try to minimize stress

  • Lemon Cupid

    I’m really keen on getting my flu shot every year!

  • drinking more fluid and wash hands more often.

  • bub smith

    RAW GARLIC all the way! I make my kids eat it too (with milk to cut the taste)

  • Bons

    I drink plenty of fluids and get well rested

  • Tanya B

    wash my hands regularly, drink lots of water and plenty of sleep

  • seham

    drink lots of water

  • Harry Chahal

    drink more water

  • reneetaylor

    I get lots of rest and eat right and lots of fluids

  • Paul Astles

    Drink lots of water, eat spicy things, let it be known I will hurt the cold if it comes near me. Etc.

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    drink more water

  • Fishieeeee


  • Travis Sippel


  • kam77

    Garlic, orange juice, lemon+honey tea!

  • Sausan S

    Lots of fluids, especially orange Juice

  • Denise Lewandowski

    I get a flu shot

  • Tamie Keith

    Ilike honeywell

  • Juliee Fitze

    Making sure I wash my hands a lot and not hugging people during the flu season.

  • Carole B.

    garlic, fresh lemon juice and fresh ginger every day (not together!)

  • Harry Chahal

    flu shot

  • BobbiJo Pentney

    I try to get enough rest

  • Kelly McGrew

    always washing my hands before a meal and after the bathroom, brushing my teeth every day, showering daily, washing my clothes regularly, not sharing food with others (at least those that are sick!)

  • hollymessana

    Lots of rest and fluids is important

  • Harry Chahal


  • Make sure I drink water and lots of it and rest


    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  • Nic

    wash my hands a lot

  • Natalie

    I try to get lots of rest, eat properly and practice proper hygiene before I catch anything to make fighting it off easier

  • Betty Spry

    I take extra vitamin C and try to get lots of sleep

  • Lauren Eggers

    We take vitamin D and C, and also lots of hand washing.

  • Erin

    I drink a lot of water and get outside!

  • Rust

    I wash my hands often and eat healthy

  • Jim Bender

    Wash hands properly and keep drinking plenty of fluids

  • Keri

    Eat healthy, drink lots of water, and sleep! This helps your body fight off an virus that comes its way

  • Jennifer L.

    We eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and avoid processed foods.

  • Nathan

    Wash hands properly and eat well.

  • Tracey11

    Wash hands often and before eating.

  • Maria V

    Wash hands properly

  • Rose

    Lots of rest, wash hands often, and clean door knobs, telephones, remotes, etc. with vinegar.

  • Harry Chahal


  • Corey

    Sleep and wash hands regularly

  • missbobloblaw

    I eat lots of garlic, ginger, honey, and drink green tea and water!

  • Karine

    Cold medecine and sleep

  • UglyMummy

    rest and hydration

  • Harry Chahal


  • Cassie Fancy

    Plentyof rest and lots of fluids

  • anonymous_reader77

    I fight back against cold and the flu with lots of rest, fluids and my comfy bed.

    • anonymous_reader77

      Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux

  • Lushka Smith

    Hand washing frequently

  • Vanessa Wrzesien

    hand washing!

  • Mims Wilton

    we do everything we can but with a little one in the house it seems to always be a losing battle

  • kikisbff

    Lot of rest anddrink lots of water

  • Harry Chahal


  • loriag

    We wash our hands allot, use hand santizer, we drink lots of water, and I take echincea.