Dior Trianon Spring 2014 Collection (Photos + Swatches) – PIC HEAVY

Update: check out the newest addition to the Dior lip family, Dior Addict Fluid Sticks, here!

Dior Trianon Spring 2014

Ahh, winter.  You are a cold, frigid mistress.  While we sit here in -9 degree, snowy, icy weather in Toronto, I can’t help letting my mind drift off to warmer places.  Sitting on a hot, sunny beach with a mojito in my hand sounds like exactly what I need right now.  Alas, I am left bundling up in sweater, winter coats and scarves, but the Dior Trianon Spring 2014 Collection has just come into my life and the fun, soft shades are at least helping to put me into a warmer state of mind.  Following designer Raf Simon’s Pret-a-Porter SS 2014 collection and his vision of the new Dior flower-women, Tyen created a collection inspired by Trianon, with an emphasis on powdery pastel shades and pops of colour – pinks, peaches, and porcelain blues take the stage for a look that is soft and delicate.  Read on for photos and swatches of the collection, available mid January (Unless otherwise noted, products will be on Dior counters January 15th).

Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte, Diorshow Fusion, Diorshow Fusion Nocturne, Diorshow Fusion Mirage, Diorshow Fusion Fantasie, Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte Celeste, Dior Spring 2014, dior beauty 2014, dior trianon

dior beauty, diorshow, dior trianon, dior spring 2014, dior fusion mono matte, diorshow fusion mono matte swatch, diorshow fusion mono matte celeste, diorshow fusion mono matte mirage, diorshow fusion mono matte nocturne, diorshow fusion mono matte fantaisie

Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte – Top: Nocturne, Celeste – Bottom: Mirage, Fantaisie

Diorshow Fusion Mono Matte in Nocturne, Celeste, Mirage, Fantaisie ($32 CAD) – Last year saw the release of one of my favourite Dior products to date – the Diorshow Fusion Mono shadows – light, bouncy and shimmery, these shadows were one of the launches I most enjoyed last year.  For the spring 2014 collection, Dior decided to release matte versions of these in pretty pastels.  Another difference, other than the matte finish, is the included applicator – the original Fusion Mono shadows came with a sponge tip applicator, while the new matte versions have a brush applicator for precise application.  These shadows can be applied two ways: blended in with the fingertips for a soft fusion finish or with the brush applicator for extreme pigmentation and an intense fusion finish.

Dior 5 couleurs, dior trianon, dior spring 2014, dior trianon swatch, dior 5 couleurs trianon edition


Dior 5 Couleurs, dior trianon, dior trianon swatch, dior 5 couleurs trianon, dior spring 2014


Dior 5-Couleurs Trianon Edition ($62 CAD) – Oh, be still my beating, girly heart.  Throw a Dior palette adorned with bows and full of pastels my way and I’m all yours.  I’m all about this light and airy uber-feminine look for spring.  Soft and delicate with pastel shades for the eyes? Bring it on spring, I’m ready for you.  While not exploding with colour, these shimmering shades work really well together to create a dainty eye with the greige shade adding the perfect amount of darkness for contouring and lining.

dior backstage prime, dior trianon, dior spring 2014, dior beauty, dior eye primer

Dior Backstage Prime ($30 CAD – Available January 17th at Sephora, on all other counters January 30th) – Dior decided to kick off 2014 with a bang with the addition of their new eye primer, Backstage Eye Prime.  This primer comes in a thicker format, reminiscent of an under eye concealer.  Lightly pigmented, it creates a smooth base for eye makeup to adhere to.  I found that this primer helped to bring out the colour in my shadows and once applied, they didn’t crease or budge all day.

Dior Glow Maximizer, Dior Pore Minimizer, Dior primer, Dior Trianon, Dior Spring 2014


Dior Trianon, Dior spring 2014, dior glow maximizer, dior pore minimizer

Dior Glow Maximizer (left) and Dior Pore Minimizer (right)

Dior Glow Maximizer and Pore Minimizer ($42 CAD – Available January 17th at Sephora, on all counters January 30th) – Another exciting backstage innovation from Dior this year comes in the form of these two primers, each focusing on a different end results.  The Glow Maximizer, with a beautiful rose gold sheen, is meant to enhance the skin’s radiance for a glowing, healthy look.  This can be used as a booster (mixed in with foundation before application) or to help sculpt (applied over makeup to highlight areas such as the forehead, bridge of nose, brow bone and cheekbones) which is how I’ve been using it.  The shimmer is really light but helps to give skin a really nice boost – although one thing to keep in mind is shimmer will show imperfections and larger pores a little more so this may affect your application technique.  The Pore Minimizer is a fantastic addition to any beauty routine.  Light and creamy, it applies almost more like a gel and dissolves instantly into the skin.  I found that it really smoothed out the appearance of my skin – it really does minimize the appearance of pores, shadows and imperfections while leaving a matte look behind.  This can be applied all over before makeup or can be used throughout the day to touch up areas by patting on and blending in over makeup.

Diorblush, Dior trianon, Diorblush Trianon, Dior spring 2014, dior blush springDiorblush Trianon Edition ($44 CAD) – This one is a must for any Dior lover – once again, adorned with the same pearls and bows as the 5 Couleurs palette, this blush is almost too pretty too touch.  In a rosy shade with a hint of coral, this bush is warm and perfect for putting some colour back into your cheeks after a cold winter.

Dior Addict Lip Glow, Dior Lip Glow, Dior Addict Lip Glow Coral

Top: Bare lips, Bottom: Dior Lip Glow in Coral applied

Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral ($35 CAD) – This collection sees an update to a Dior fan-favourite – Dior Addict Lip Glow will now be available in coral!  I will say that I didn’t notice too much of a change in colour, but yes my lips felt and looked great with a little shine and lots of moisture.

Dior Addict lip gloss, dior addict lip gloss petillante, dior addict gloss exquisse, dior trianon, dior spring 2014

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Petillante & Exquisse

dior addict lip gloss, dior addict lip gloss petillante, dior trianon, dior spring 2014

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Petillante

Dior addict lip gloss, dior trianon, dior spring 2014, dior spring 2014 swatch, dior addict lip gloss exquisse swatch

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Exquisse

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Petillante & Exquisse ($31 CAD) – A new collection means more amazing Dior Addict glosses.  Shades of peach and pink are the perfect accompaniment to the pastel shades created for the eyes.  I have to say Exquisse really takes the cake for me on this one.  This beautiful fuchsia goes on more sheer than I thought it would – I thought it was going to be much more pink – and makes lips look beautiful.

Rouge Dior lipstick, rouge dior crinoline, rouge dior courtisane, dior trianon, dior spring 2014

Rouge Dior Lipstick in Courtisane & Crinoline

rouge dior, rouge dior swatch, rouge dior courtisane swatch, rouge dior allegresse, rouge dior trianon, dior spring 2014

Rouge Dior Lipstick in Courtisane

rouge dior, rouge dior swatch, rouge dior lipstick, rouge dior crinoline, rouge dior crinoline swatch, rouge dior trianon, dior spring 2014

Rouge Dior Lipstick in Crinoline

Rouge Dior Lipstick in Courtisane & Crinoline ($36 CAD) – This collection also sees 2 new Rouge Dior Lipstick shades – pure pink (Courtisane) and coral (Crinoline).  Upon application, I fell in love with both of these.  The smooth, creamy texture of the Rouge Dior lipsticks has ranked them high in my list of favourite lipsticks, and these new shades are beautiful and springy.  Crinoline does come out more nude toned than coral once on, but it’s a great shade that adds a hint of colour and the tiniest bit of shimmer, while Courtisane is the perfect Barbie pink.  I’m head over heels for this shade, and have already started wearing it even though it might be a little out of place in the middle of winter.

Dior Vernis, Dior Vernis Porcelaine, Dior Vernis Bloom, Dior Vernis Bouquet, Dior Shimmering Matte Effect Top Coat Perle, Dior Vernis Perle, Dior Trianon, Dior Spring 2014

Dior Vernise in Bloom, Bouquet, Porcelaine & Dior Shimmering Matte Effect Top Coat in Perle

Dior Vernis Bloom, Dior Vernis Bloom swatch, dior vernis, dior spring 2014, dior trianon

Dior Vernis in Bloom (2 coats)

Dior Vernis Bouquet, Dior Vernis Bouquet swatch, dior spring 2014, dior trianon

Dior Vernis in Bouquet (2 coats)

dior vernis porcelaine, dior vernis porcelaine swatch, dior spring 2014, dior trianon

Dior Vernis in Porcelaine

Dior Vernis in Bloom, Bouquet & Porcelaine ($26 CAD) – Beautiful pastel and flowery shades adorn nails in this collection, with cornflower (Porcelaine), peach (Bouquet) and fuchsia (Bloom) being added to the Dior Vernis family.  All three are gorgeous shades, highly pigmented and with a glossy, almost jelly finish.  The major standout for me has to be Porcelaine.  This pale blue shade is an absolute stunner and a serious statement maker.

Dior Shimmering Matte Effect Top Coat Perle, Dior Vernis Trianon Edition, Dior Vernis Perle, Dior matte top coat, dior sugared-almond nails, sugar almond naisl

Dior Shimmering Matte Effect Top Coat in Perle

Dior Shimmering Matte Effect Top Coat in Perle ($26 CAD) – Finally, we come to one of the most fun items to make its debut with this collection – the beautiful Perle top coat.  Designed to give nails a “sugared-almond” look, this top coat adds beautiful micro-shimmer in shades of pearly pink with a hint of purple to add dimension to any polish, and finishes off with a frosted effect.  It works so well with all three shades from the Trianon collection, and I can’t wait to play with it over some more polishes.

What do you think of the pastel shades in the Dior Trianon Spring 2014 collection? Any standouts?


Disclaimer: This post contains products sent from the company for editorial consideration.  All opinions are purely my own personal judgements.

  • MrDisco3

    Love the shimmer in the Dior 5-Couleurs Trianon Edition

  • Jenn erin

    The Dior Addict lip glosses look really nice on your lips! I have super pigmented lips so I don’t think they will look good on me!

  • Melinda Jana

    I like the pastels that Dior has out this spring. I especially like the blush and nail polishes. The Shimmering Matte Effect Top Coat gives the nail polishes a nice pop of shimmer.

    • It really does – it just takes polishes to a different level and I love the finish!

      • Melinda Jana

        It gives it a whole different look for sure. I am so tempted to scoop it up!

  • annet

    I love love love the photo above!! These colours are amazing!

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  • Victoria Ess

    I love those matte shadows!! I’m totally making a to-buy list based on items in this post alone!

  • Jules se livre

    I just bought 2 matte shadows Celeste and Fantaisie, I couldn’t resist the texture!

  • Minami(BeautifulWave)

    Hey, I’m from Canada too! I’m such a fan of Dior’s make up, its expensive but such good quality. Specially love their nail polishes and their lip glosses! That blush looks fantastic, if I wasn’t already hoarding coral colours like “Bouquet” I’d be all over it too. I’ve been wanting to try the Dior Addict Glow lipstick for a while. Have your tried the nail polish of it before?

  • Tammy Woodall

    I like the Dior Lip Color in Coral. The picture with the flowers in the models hair is definitely eye-catching.

  • Puspita Sari

    wow, amazing! I’ve never tried it, this post makes me want to wear it once. thank you very much for giving Riview. I really like this.

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    matte shadows!! my fave!

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    I’ve never tried it, Dior Shimmering but i like it <3 your photos + swatches its superb i love it 🙂

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  • Lynn Mathieu

    The standouts for me would be the peachy shades,reminds me of youth!

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    I am just in LOVE with the little bows on the palettes!!!! Soooooooo adorable!!!

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    Great post! It gave me a very good sense of Dior’s spring 2014 collection. My only complaint is that you made me really, really want to buy Bloom, Bouquet, AND the Perlé topcoat 😉

  • I’m a Dior lover of everything they have but especially love the blush.The nail polish colors are definitely the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen…XX…@@..//!!

  • Susan T.

    I love this whole collection! The lip colours are amazing! I especially love Courtisane.

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