12 Days of Holiday Beauty – Day 3: Jergens Natural Glow

12 Days of Holiday Beauty

For me, one thing winter makes me think of is pale skin.  By mid-December, I’ve hit a nice shade of porcelain that Casper would be jealous of.  Now, I know a vacation is a long way off, and I stay away from tanning beds, so keeping this pasty look at bay isn’t always easy – and I know I’m not the only one out there who has fun dealing with this as soon as winter rolls around.

Jergens Natural Glow, Jergens, Jergens Fair to Medium, Jergens Natural Glow Fair to Medium

Jergens Natural Glow Fair to Medium Range

Of course, there’s also nothing worse than showing up at a holiday soiree looking a nice shade of orange, so it’s always key to be able to find a balance between white-as-a-ghost and Snooki.  This is where today’s 12 Days of Holiday Beauty giveaway comes into play.  The newly reformulated Jergens Natural Glow line was created to help women build natural-looking colour without having to worry about sun damage.  The products are extremely easy to use – used daily, they lead to a gradual development of colour so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it on the first shot.  There are a couple of things I love about these products – they moisturize the skin so that you are taking care of two problems at once (take that, cold weather!) and the new formula also has a nice scent (hurray for odour-blocking technology), so you don’t have to worry about walking around smelling like sunless-tanner whenever you apply.

Jergens Natural Glow, Jergens Natural Glow Medium to Tan, Self Tan, Jergens, Moisturizer, Medium to Tan

Jergens Natural Glow Medium to Tan Range

The line comes in two different shades depending on your skin tone – fair to medium and medium to tan – to make it easier to find products that will give you the healthy glow you’re looking for.  Another nice thing?  There are 5 different products available in each shade to suit your needs: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($8.99), Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturizer ($12.99), Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer – Quick Dry Foam ($$12.99), Jergens Natural Glow Face Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 ($12.99) and Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days To Glow Moisturizer ($12.99).

Ready to get your glow back?  I’m giving away the entire range of Jergens Natural Glow products in both shades!  Enter to win via the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!
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  • flowerchild23

    I moisturize right when I get out of the shower, the lotion absorbs better

  • Elena Per

    Hello, nice giveaway!
    Is it international?

  • Darrah Bailey

    I keep my skin soft by using LOTS of moisturizers and making sure I apply when my skin is still wet out of the shower… LOCK in the moisture 😉

  • Elena Per

    I keep my moisturizer close and aply often!

  • Sunshine g

    Lots and lots of lotion – I reapply through the day.

  • Brenda Penton

    I use a more emolient moisturizer, exfoliate, and drink lots of water.

  • Glogirl3

    I exfoliate my skin in the shower to keep it soft and smooth.

  • Belinda McNabb

    I make sure that I moisturize my skin as soon as hopping out of the shower every day. it helps keep my skin hydrated all day

  • jonnieh

    Tons of moisturizer!

  • Dayna Wilson

    I put a bunch of moisturizer on right out of the shower and then sit around in my bathrobe until it absorbs in.

  • Rebby Roberts

    Moisturize like 10 times a day!!

  • cheridene

    coconut oil on my skin morning and night

  • truckerofbc

    I use moisturizers

  • marsbar35

    Cleanse ,Exfoliate, moisturizer

  • Sarah Jackson

    I ensure to moisturize every time I think about it

  • angela mitchell

    I use a lot of Body Butter. I find it works the best and has the best variety of scents.

  • sassy

    water and water works for me 😀

  • Shari D

    I drink a ton of water and moisturize twice a day.

  • May

    I drink lots and lots of water and moisturize a few times a day and every time I wash my hands!

  • staceydempsey

    I just try and use a good moisturizer but when it is this cold it is really hard to keep from drying out


    I use this lotion daily… i swear by it. I have super sensitive skin… but this brand doesnt irritate me at all, even after shaving.

    And yes im glowing