L’Oreal Paris Collection Privee – the Official TIFF Collection

L'Oreal Paris Collection Privee by Colour Riche TIFF 2013

There’s one main reason why I get excited this time of year – TIFF is rolling into town, which means tons of fun around Toronto and the possibility of celeb spotting.  If George Clooney were to walk past me downtown Toronto I certainly wouldn’t object.  And I hear he’s on the market again…

L'Oreal Paris Privee Collection

L’Oreal Paris Privee Collection (L-R): Doutzen, J Lo, Freida & Eva

Anyways, in celebration of the upcoming film festival L’Oreal Paris has created the L’Oreal Paris Collection Privee by Colour Riche, inspired by four of their leading ladies.  Doutzen Kroes, Jennifer Lopez, Freida Pinto and Eva Longoria all served as the inspiration for this collection of classic nude lipsticks and polishes.  These nudes, with hints of pink, gold, parma and greige respectively, are feminine and polished.  Take a look below for swatches of the collection.  Which lady’s shades are you feeling?

colllection prive

L’Oreal Paris Collection Privee Colour Riche Lipcolour (Clockwise from top left) Doutzen, J Lo, Eva, Freida


L'Oreal Paris Privee Collection

L’Oreal Paris Privee Collection Colour Riche Lipcolour side-by-side comparison (L-R) Doutzen, J Lo, Freida, Eva


L'Oreal Paris Privee Collection Colour Riche Nailcolour

L’Oreal Paris Privee Collection Colour Riche Nailcolour (L-R) Doutzen, J Lo, Freida, Eva

Availability: In stores now (August 2013)

Price: Lipcolour – $10.99 (MSRP), Nailcolour – $3.99 (MSRP)

  • annet

    I love the lip colours! I especially love the Frieda shade on you!
    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  • they are all pretty nice! I wonder if I’ll see this collection here. 🙂

    • Are you located in the US? I’m not too sure if it will be available down there as it is for the Toronto film festival, but I can take a look into it for you!

      • ohh nope I’m in Canada but in the maritimes and we seem to lag behind on any sort of special collection 🙂 I really like the bottom left lipstick (Freida?)

  • Victoria Ess

    I love the Doutzen lipstick!

    • Guppy

      I agree with you, and the matching polish too!

  • the j-lo colours is so pretty <3 so do the matching nail polish <3

  • Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk

    Love the Eva lipstick! Nice shade!

  • dorofte alexandra

    i like doutzen lipstick and nail polish , they are so pretty

  • Bhavani Sekar

    Love Doutzen lipstick!

  • Nicoleta Alexandra

    I love the Doutzen lipstick! :X

  • Klika Vania Salsabila

    love the lipsticks!

  • Helen gatbonton

    love the lipstick

  • travelluna

    Hands up for George Clooney. The lipstick is at a very reasonable price too

  • Regina Landayan

    Love the lipsticks! I like the J Lo shade.

  • Celena Clause

    Love the Freida nail colour!

  • Say Yap

    Geesh! Love the lippies!

  • Shweta Manohar

    Wow!!!! the Eva color lipstick looks great.

  • Carla Allio

    Those lipsticks look spectacular…L’Oreal is one of my favourite brands!!

  • Chef Britton

    Freida’s nude looks spectacular on:)

  • Rini Setiani

    ahhh!!! I love the lipstick!!!

  • Clarissa Irene

    omg looks greatt !

  • klynzer

    I like these nail colors! very fall like! I have been looking for cute grey like colors! The lip collection is so simple and sweet also!

  • i like Collection PRIVEE by J Lo!

  • Συμώνα Δότσικα

    i love lipsticks ,great colors!

  • Megan Parsons

    I’m loving those nail colors!

  • tsag.li

    great nail colors

  • Abigail Chan

    lovin the lipsticks!!!

  • Rose Tran

    love the lipstick packaging! I love anything that has gold AND black. 😀

  • Venera Giannetto

    I love these dark nail colors!

  • Crystal Marie Cañete

    Doutzen Lipstick is irresistible! I bet it’ll look on anyone. =)

  • Abigail Chan

    I’m loving J Lo and Freida! 😀 cool shades!

  • Susana Silva

    Love it!

  • Betty Spry

    beautiful colours