Giveaway: Beat the Heat with John Frieda Frizz Ease

Hands down, one of my biggest hair issues during the summer is frizz.  On a humid day, my hair can go from sleek and smooth to a frizzy mess in an instant.  I’m lucky to have stumbled upon the John Frieda Frizz Ease collection – it’s got amazing products that take the worry out of frizzy summer hair so your mane stays sleek and shiny, no matter the situation.

Personally, I’m obsessed with the John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Creme.  It is, quite literally, my secret weapon when my hair starts to get out of control.  I actually always keep a travel size bottle in my purse at all times because you never know when you’re going to need it!  I find that a small dollop helps to smooth the frizz and flyaways whenever an emergency arises.  I’ve also recently fallen in love with the Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray.  It does an amazing job of locking in my style so I don’t have to worry about any frizz creeping up on me while I’m out!

I know how much of a challenge keeping frizz at bay can be without the right products, so I’m going to be giving one of you a John Frieda Frizz Ease gift basket, courtesy of my friends at John Frieda, that contains all the products you need for sleek, smooth hair!  The best part?  If you win, you’ll get to choose the basket you want based on your hair type – straight or curly.  Check out what the winner will receive and enter via the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway is open to Canadians only.  Good luck!

Straight 1 photo


Smooth Start® Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
3 Day Straight™ Semi-Permanent Styling Spray
Secret Weapon® Finishing Crème
100% Shine® Glossing Mist
Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hair Spray
Hair Serum Thermal Protection Formula
Heat Defeat® Protective Styling Spray
Straight Fixation® Smoothing Crème
Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Curly 2photo 


Dream Curls® Style  Starting Shampoo and Conditioner
Hair Serum extra strength
Clearly defined ® Styling Gel
Curl Reviver Styling Mousse
Dream Curls® Curl-Perfecting Spray
Secret Weapon® Finishing Crème
Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hair Spray
100% Shine® Glossing Mist
Spiral Style Spray Gel

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • C Tavares

    Homemade lemonade popsicles lol

  • Courtney

    Ice cream! And loves of it! And hairwise, a ponytail!

  • Lorinda Maclean-Steward

    cotton clothes and AC lol

  • J_numbers

    Shade and lemonade.

  • pinksuzanne

    My air conditioned house

  • I wear a bathing suit if it’s really hot out and I get soaking wet.I swim in a pool or go to a lake an when those options are out I just use a sprinkler.

  • Savannah

    I beat the heat by taking bath atleast once a day :)!

  • lisa_carbone

    I beat the heat by staying hydrated and always try to stay out of direct sun…having said that, Summer is so brief in Canada that it’s so difficult not to want to be outdoors all the time!
    Best, Lisa

  • kmchevelle

    stay the heck inside!!!! 🙂

  • writeanu

    Drinking lots of water and avoiding the sun during the early afternoon.
    Rafflecopter name: Anu Chopra

  • Glogirl3

    I like to stay indoors with a fan blowing directly on me to stay cool!

  • flowerchild23

    I love to go swimming to beat the heat.

  • Maggie Cheung

    by keeping a bottle of water with me at all times!

  • Nancy

    eating ice cream and smoothies !

  • annet

    lots of lemon water with ice and I have a fan on all of the time!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  • Lori Bazan

    I swim in the pool, drink vodka and ice water and blast the air conditioner!

  • lizzysdarcy

    Lots of ice water.
    Rafflecopter: Jay Tee

  • Belinda McNabb

    I drink lots of water, stay in the shade when I can and I have a small little fan in my purse if an emergency arises

  • torlonias

    I try to stay in air conditioned environments.
    Rafflecopter – Natalie T

  • Brenda Penton

    I drink water and iced coffee and have a fan on.

  • Miss T

    A refreshing drink with loads of ice while relaxing indoors or if outside in the shade.

  • Dayna Wilson

    Lots of water, and I take my son swimming when I can.

  • Tooth Fairy

    Sometimes I wear a hat or cap and that guards me like being in the shade ☺

  • Tricia Cooper

    I beat the heat by staying hydrated and out of the direct sun and I swim when I have the chance!

  • privyseel

    I use the heat as an excuse to eat lots of ice cream. 🙂
    Rafflecopter ~ Rachelle T

  • Dayna Janzen

    With the a/c turned on full speed 🙂 and sometimes a nice strawberry daiquiri 🙂

  • Amy

    Iced coffees, ice cream, popsicles lol…. food basically

  • Rebecca Roberts

    There hasn’t been much heat to beat here in Calgary, but normally I would have a margaritas and sit by the river! RAFFLECOPTER NAME IS: REBBY

  • Susan T.

    I like frosty drinks and running through the sprinkler like I’m a 5 year old!

  • Jenelle

    a cold beer 🙂

  • razia kassam

    Trying to wear as less as possible and eating lots of ice cream and drinking cold cocktails

  • Victoria Ess

    Drinking lots of water.

  • Darlene

    Lemonade, time at the beach & air conitioning!

  • archy0050

    A/C or go to the cottage!

  • Lots and lots of water!

  • Stephanie D

    I eat frozen grapes

  • Sunshine g

    We put our pillows in the deep freeze.

  • julie_bolduc

    Sit by the pool

  • sara rai

    sit in cold water:P

  • julia g

    Luke-warm showers, a good fan, and iced coffees.

  • Lygophilia

    I beat the heat with my dyson fan, cold beverages, cool showers, and MAC Fix+.

  • angela mitchell

    Popsicles and Ice cream:)

  • kristy edgington

    a/c or swimming!

  • Andrea

    i stay out of the sun lol and LOTS of cold water

  • Guppy

    Hiding in my house with A/C and fans going, while drinking a ton of cold liquids, is how I survive the heat. And my hair tends to stay wrapped in a bun to keep if off my face and neck.

  • Amy Orvin

    I stay in the AC or go swimming.

  • Jenny

    shorts and t-shirts all the time!

  • Cindy Latrace

    wash the car in my swimsuit!

  • irish_iis

    As long as I can get my feet into water I can survive almost any heat. I will put a kiddie pool on the deck and sit there with my feet in it while enjoying a cold drink

  • billiondollarprincesss

    Going to the pool.

  • Jeannie

    Going to the water parks with the kids!

  • Infohound 2b

    Go shopping for makeup.

  • SueSueper

    I beat the heat by hiding out/ camping out in the shade near nice big trees!

  • Happy Chinadoll

    stay in the shade and drink lots of iced tea

  • Tammy D

    Lay in my hammock in the shade !!

    (Tammy Dalley)

  • Yan D.

    with a fan lol

  • sarah sar

    I make sure i drink lots of water!

  • jemrah

    Drink lots of cold water, and stay in the air conditioning!

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    Stay inside when,ever possible and stay hydrated

  • Steph BKN

    lol, right now I’m beating the heat by joining my kiddies in thier kiddie pool 🙂

  • marsbar35

    Drink lots of water.. I love the heat! Bring it own…

  • Holly

    I beat the heat by going for a swim in the pool!

  • Karine

    I did a Keratin treatment last September, and that really helped me beat the heat for a while but now my hair are getting frizzy again!

  • Michelle

    Drink lots of cold water

  • lisa bolduc

    a nice cold drink and the pool


    I keep hydrated with water and spray myself down at the same time I am hosing the dogs down lol (man, I need a pool! )

  • emu

    Iced Cold Tea and a baseball cap for my outdoorsy side, my alter ego wears silky pajamas and adores the electric fan.

    eva mitton-urban

  • Freezies keep me hydrated, and water of course!

  • liz l

    plenty of water and light airy clothes

  • travelluna

    wear hats and lots of water

  • jonnieh

    I drink icy drinks and stay out of the sun.
    rafflecopter name – Jonnie J

  • stacey h

    i tend to stay in doors, if i’m outside i wear light clothing and drink tons of water.
    hair in a pony tail is a must.

  • Ashley

    AC! And shady trees!

  • staceydempsey

    I love my airconditioner and lots of water