Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel: Canada Day Nail Art

Canada Day Nail Art

With Canada’s 146th birthday coming up on Monday, members of the Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel were asked to share our best Canada Day inspired manis to help you get inspired.  I know nail art isn’t always easy, so I decided to go with a splatter mani that anyone can pull off!  Head to the Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel page to learn how I did it and to check out all the other panelists’ red, white and maple leafed manis.

What will you be doing to your nails for Canada Day?


  • Victoria Ess

    That design is really cool!!! Maybe even *I* could pull it off! I don’t have any plans for my nails for CA Day.

  • I love it! It’s different and unique! I am still deciding on what I want to do! I have the red and white polishes out on my shelf waiting for me though!

  • Jenelle

    I LOVE these!!!!

  • Anna L

    You did a really good job!!

  • Karine

    Wow this is one of the best nail design for Canada Day that I saw

  • Nicole W

    Those look awesome Dee!

  • Guppy

    Looks good. Oops I dont think I even had anything on my nails Canada Day! I was too busy working my red and white outfit, complete with black budwieser cowboy hat. lol!