QC Makeup Academy


I’m sure I’m not the only one out there like me – completely obsessed with beauty, playing and experimenting with makeup, but without any formal training. I’ve always been interested in taking some classes, but right now it’s something that I find would be a little hard to fit into my schedule.  I recently learned about QC Makeup Academy which is an online makeup school dedicated to teaching professional techniques at a fraction of the cost – and the best part is you can participate in the courses right from your couch… In other words, it’s ideal for someone like me who needs flexibility but would love to learn.

Currently, they offer two courses – their Makeup Artistry Course ($1,098-$1,398 depending on payment plan – provides training in makeup for weddings, special events, advertisements and makeover parties) and their Master Makeup Artistry Course ($1,248-$1,548 depending on payment plan – provides training for sections included in the Makeup Artistry Course + glamour, fantasy, photography, television & theatre along with business and career training).  They come in a really neat format – instructional videos, practical assignments and one-on-one guidance from your tutor (a professional makeup artist) are all part of the course.  You’ll also receive course materials that include twelve makeup artistry lesson books, a set of DVDs with instructional video, a resource CD with assignment templates and customizable business forms.  I took a peek at the website and also found that they have a bonus offer going on right now – you’ll also receive a makeup kit (88 shadow palette, 28 powder blush palette, 32 lip shade palette & 20 shade correct & conceal palette – basically everything you need to get started) and a 16 piece brush set.


This summer they will also be launching a new, lower-priced course with celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson – he’s worked on hundreds of celebs like Lea Michele and Paula Abdul.  The course will offer hours of video tutorial, instructions from Nathan and plenty of assignments to test you.  Students who enroll in this course will also receive a bonus 88-shade shadow palette to help them out!  When this course launches, I’m going to be trying out one of the tutorials and assignments  to really get a feel for it – I’m going to be doing another post after I’ve had a chance to try it to share my experience, so make sure you keep an eye on the blog in the next couple of months to see what I think of the course!

Is this something you would want to try?

  • LaShondra White

    I will be starting an online course for makeup artistry too. I did look at QC Makeup Academy. I am curious to read your thoughts.

  • marsbar35

    Would never take a Makeup Course online, you can never get the type of training online like you could in person.If your planning on working in the film ,tv industry as a makeup artist. I would do a course in person. If your looking just to have more knowledge or to work in the retail field , you don’t need experience as they want you to be a good seller, no matter what the ad says. I went to Jean McDonalds & Complections then again I spent over 10,000 + $$ for these course.

  • Heidi C.

    I would use this kind of online teaching as online support for a live course. It’s hard to see what exactly is being done online.

  • Guppy

    I dont know about an ‘online’ makeup course… I wouldnt do it. In person would be far superior.

  • Victoria Ess

    Did you test it out yet? I love watching online tutorials, but if I were interested in committing to a course, I feel like I would benefit most from an offline course.