How To Repair Broken Makeup

Repair broken makeupI think we’ve all been there.  A quick slip and your favourite compact or eye shadow hits the floor with a heartbreaking smash.  You don’t want to take a peek inside because you know what you’re going to find – a shattered, powdery mess which ends up everywhere and doesn’t travel well.  Don’t cry… I’ve got the solution, and all it involves are a couple of things you probably already have hanging around the house.


What will you need to repair this mess?  Just your broken product, some rubbing alcohol (I use 70%), and a small spoon/knife/any other tool you can use to flatten.

Repair broken makeup

1.  Using the back of a spoon, roll into the product to grind it into more of a powder.  This will make it easier for you to work with.  For eye shadows, you can also try using a knife, or the back end of the spoon.

2.  Add some rubbing alcohol.  I ended up adding about 1/2 a teaspoon to make mine work. Start off with a few drops, and add more as you need it.

3.  Blend the powder together using the spoon/knife.  Once it’s less powdery and more thick, start to push it back into the case, making sure to pack it down so it stays together.  Use the knife to smooth down the top.

4.  Let it sit.  It took about an hour for the rubbing alcohol to evaporate from my compact.  You’ll notice the colour start to lighten as this happens, and it will soon return to the original shade.  Ta da!  Your makeup is good as new and ready to use.


Are there any other tips you have for dealing with broken makeup?  Any other how-tos or DIYs you’d like to see?  Let me know in the comments below.

  • I just love this, Dee! I recently spoke with a girlfriend about this, and how I would cry if it happened to a MAC shadow or something similar! I had no clue you could do this…thanks for the tip!!!

  • Fee (Phyllis) Roberts

    Thanks for the awesome tip! This will come in handy for sure, I’m always dropping something =D

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    I’ve saved a lot of my broken makeup using alcohol! Highly recommend it!

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    Oh I am so glad I saw this post! I am a klutz and drop makeup all the time. Nothing has lids because I break them. Thank you so much for this tip on how to fix my makeup. You are a genius!

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    what a awesome tip! I usually end up throwing them out but will definatly be trying this!

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    When I break products I end up trying to use them as loose powder/shadows etc. I’ll have to try repairing them this way next time!


    pretty smart

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    This is brilliant! I’m so glad I read this, I can’t tell you how many compacts I’ve gotten rid of unnecessarily!
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    Brilliant! It worked for me. Thanks

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    I wish I knew this years ago! Thanks for the helpful post ~ I’ll definitely be trying this out.

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    Very useful 🙂

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    Thx a lot! This what i need! Have some trouble with my powder. Acidentally fall and it broke >.<

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    Great!I have many broken eyeshadows and this is very helpful!

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    Great tip! Now I’m going to rescue my eyeshadow palette! Thanks.

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    Thanks! Uber klutz here, Ive had to throw out soo much makeup cuz I dropped it! Will def be trying this out!