Avon Ultra Sexy Collection Review

Avon has decided to spice up their line a little bit with their newest addition, the Ultra Sexy Collection, which will be available starting in January 13.  Before I got started on the products, I just wanted to say something about the packaging.  Everything is cute, pink (I have a serious weakness for anything pink), and even have sneaky tiger stripes and leopard spots on them – basically everything I love all rolled into one.  I can just picture these products sitting on a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s dressing table.   The line currently contains 4 products, and they smell absolutely delicious – sweet yet sexy, with hints of strawberry and jasmine coming through. Take a look:

Ultra Sexy Body Scrub ($10) –  This scrub leaves skin feeling soft and smooth after sloughing away dry skin.  I love the way it exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling fantastic.

Ultra Sexy Body Moisturizer ($10) – This moisturizer has got to be my favourite product from this line.  First of all, I think it needs to be called a Body Mousse, not Moisturizer – I love the texture.  It is so light and creamy, it reminds me of whipped cream. Even though it feels really light, once applied it actually seems to thicken up so that it’s full of moisturizing power.  It’s really nice when used after the scrub for perfectly soft, touchable skin.

Ultra Sexy Body Mist ($14) – this body mist is the perfect partner for the moisturizer – it’s packed with scent and together, it lasts all day.

Ultra Sexy Shimmering Body Powder ($12) – This powder is nice and, of course, smells fantastic.  I would have loved to have seen a little more shimmer in this – for me it acts more as a scented body powder than one with shimmer.

All in all, I’m loving this collection – it really does make you feel sexy.  Will you try it out?

  • Tania B

    Ooooh. This sounds awesome. I will have to call up my Avon rep asap. Thanks

  • Lisa H

    I have had (and loved) quite a few Avon sets. This looks like a winner too!

  • Dreena

    This looks like a great set to have. Would like to smell it/try it and see if it works for me.

  • Melanie D

    I’m really shocked how avon seems to be stepping up their game. I recently tried their SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil, and it’s comparable to MUFE or UD! I am defs interested in this ultra sexy fragrance line. I’m a sucker for anything that says sexy (I want to be sexy LOL) and the packaging is pink!

  • I just love this collection because it makes you feel like a woman and sexy and what woman doesn’t want to feel sexy. Avon keeps coming out with such aromatic scents that you just want to run out and buy it and go out for a lovely evening and share with your girlfriends.

  • I am a new Avon Rep and I am a huge fan of a lot of their classic products but love how Avon is always coming out with new and innovative products from jeellery to toys to clothing to beauty.