12 Days of Beautymas Giveaway: Day 9

For the 9th Day of Beautymas, Demeter has decided to gift one of you a scent-tasting gift which is sure to put one of you in the holiday mood.  The winner will receive an amazing Demeter Fragrance Holiday Line containing:

-Christmas Bouquet Cologne Spray (30mL)
-Gingerbread Cologne Spray (30mL)
-Mulled Cider Cologne Spray (30mL)
-Snow Cologne Spray (30mL)
-Sugar Plum (.29oz Roll On Perfume Oil)
-Christmas Tree Cologne Spray (30mL)
-Egg Nog Cologne Spray (30mL)
-Mistletoe Cologne Spray (30mL)
Enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Contest is open to Canadian residents only. Good luck!

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  • Lindsay

    SOunds like it smells tasty

  • Kam

    Seeing all the lights everywhere!

  • Christy Martin

    Christmas’s that included Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, aunts & uncles.

  • Marlene

    Watching my dad opening his presents. He loved christmas & was a big kid at heart always. Miss him so

  • Brenda Penton

    My favourite holiday memory is walking around town with my mother as a child, looking at all the lights.

  • Tara Inglis

    Christmas at my Grandparents with all my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Loved getting everyone together for a big festive meal!

  • Karin Dollery

    My favorite holiday memory was opening one gift on Christmas eve and then listening to my dad read the Night Before Christmas, then going to bed and trying to fall asleep. 🙂

  • jenn

    best memory or christmas was spending it with my family on christmas morning !!

  • Belinda McNabb

    Waking up christmas morning and grandma and grandpa’s house

  • samantha h

    making cookies with my mom and sister

  • Lesley D.

    Traveling to our grandparents house on Christmas Eve, to sit by the fire and open presents. Now we do the same thing with our kids, and their grandparents 🙂

  • Cutting down our christmas tree as a family, with hot apple cider in hand! 🙂

  • Erika Birrell

    making Christmas cookies with my aunts!!!

  • marc-andre taillefer

    Seeing all the lights everywhere!

  • MissT

    Going to our family friends on Christmas Eve day and exchanging gifts they had two kids within a year of my bro and my age. So lots of great memories hanging around their home for the holiday.

  • Jess M

    I loved going to Christmas parades

  • julia g

    Waking up early and sneaking downstairs to get my stocking.

  • stacey h

    going into the woods and getting a real tree

  • eleanor

    My best memory is opening all the Christmas presents.

  • Danielle

    Opening presents on Christmas morning around the tree.

  • Getting the giggles with my mother in the back pew of a midnight mass when I was a teenager.

  • Anne Taylor

    sitting in the living room with my grandmother sipping tea after Christmas dinner

  • Dreena

    Waking up early as a child and rushing to the stocking to see what Santa brought.

  • Ted Kooper

    going out to see the santa parade

  • Yan Deng

    receiving a box with nothing inside! lol, later on i got $$

  • Brenda Lacourciere

    my favorite memory is my grandson unwrapping gifts

  • Emma

    family gathered around the table with my parents – they both passed away.

  • Amy Orvin

    Riding in the car with parents looking at Christmas lights

  • Cebe

    Family reunion, spending time and memories with them

  • Victoria Ess

    Staying up on Christmas Eve to play board games as a family

  • Beverly

    coming down the stairs to find a white dog toy that did flips

  • Marianne

    That moment just before dinner on Christmas, when all the rush and bustle is over, and we just sit for a second, together. Pure happinessl

  • My top memory would be meeting Santa! It was at a family Christmas dinner and ‘he’ arrived and knew my name. I was totally shocked. For years I never knew who it was that had dressed up, but I always remembered it as being special!

  • Burcu

    Watching everyone’s faces when they open their presents.

  • Making the Christmas tree and sit in front and watch it once finished 🙂

  • Glogirl

    My favourite holiday memory is as a child, waiting for “Santa” to fill out stockings that we always hung on the doorknobs to our bedrooms.

  • Listening to Christmas music late at night.

  • Erin

    Waking up to full stockings on the fireplace!

  • jen

    sounds nice!

  • lisa bolduc

    having my mom and dad walk around the house on xmas eve when we were all asleep. they would put powder on their feet and pretent it was santa

  • My family used to go to NYC every Christmas when I was younger, to visit family. There my uncle would take my brother and I to see the Christmas House. Basically it was a house in the neighborhood that was done up like crazy! At night, it shone so bright that…well…it was memorizing.

  • Jessi

    My favorite memories from Christmas were all the times when my brothers and I were small and we would sneakily go downstairs to check out what Santa left us and then sneak back to bed since it was only 2 or 3 in the morning.

  • Melanie D

    My favourite memory is spending Christmas with my grandparents when I was 5 years old. I’m not sure where my parents went, I didn’t care at the time. To this day, I will cherish those memories. Time goes fast.

  • Sophia

    My favourite holiday memory is experiencing my first white Christmas after moving to Canada!

  • Juliee

    sounds yummy

  • @lizzysdarcy

    My fave holiday memory is baking with my grandmother.