LOVE: Delizioso Skincare

Time for me to share with you a brand I’m loving – I’d like to introduce you to Delizioso Skincare, a 100% natural skin and haircare company based out of London, Ontario.  Their line offers many fantastic products including face & body products, haircare cosmetics. Check out a few of the products I’ve been using (and loving):

Cucumber Cooling Day Cream – This moisturizer is perfect for summer – I found it to be very light, gentle and non-greasy, which means it’s lightweight enough to wear on hot summer days.  I also love the scent of cucumber, which is very refreshing.  This is the perfect moisturizer to apply first thing in the morning to help wake up your skin. A few of the main ingredients in this are cucumber seed oil, rosehip oil and aloe – the combination of which  are great for reducing redness and puffiness, increasing collagen levels and alleviating skin conditions.

Elderberry Hair Smoothie – I have a confession to make – I’m not always super nice to my hair… Dyeing, heat, the weather – it all adds up and results in some nice damage. That’s why I like this hair treatment – it’s nice and creamy, and after being left on it leaves my hair feelings nice and soft.  It’s perfect for dry and brittle hair with split ends – helps to revive and leave the hair looking healthy.

Crisp Vanilla Organic Body Butter – Honestly, the first thing that came out of my mouth when I opened this was “I want to eat this.” It smells sooooooo good. Like dessert. And then it got even worse because this lotion feels like whipped cream – so light and fluffy.  Fortunately, I stopped myself before it got any worse and I did something I regretted. Seriously though, this body butter reminds me of dessert.  And while it may feel light and whipped to the touch, once applied it does become a thicker, luxurious moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling great.  I’ve been obsessed with The Body Shop’s body butter for years now, and this is the first body butter I’ve come across that I feel is on the same level.

Check out Delizioso Skincare here to check out these and other awesome products.

  • There i find a great list of natural products and i like such kind of natural product. It help to gave a special glow for our skin and there is no side effect on these products like other cosmetic products.

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