LOVE THAT LOOK: Festival Braid

Summertime for me brings about thoughts of warm weather, lazy days, beaches and music festivals – and my friends at John Frieda have brought us a super cute braid look which is easy and perfect for the upcoming summer months.  Read on for pictures and directions!

  1. Part hair on one side and flip to the opposite side, brushing the ends over your shoulder.  This creates a nice, dramatic lift at the roots.
  2. Take a section of the hair now flipped to the side and make a braid.
  3. Brush the ends together to keep hair smooth.
  4. Using this braid and two other sections of your hair, create on side braid.  Experiment using two or even three small braids to see what looks best in your hair.
  5. Gently pull the braid apart with your fingers or a comb to create a loose, tousled look.
  6. Touch up any flyaways with John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Primer (this stuff is fantastic – almost like a clear mascara for your hair, it tackles flyaways to help you look more polished).
  7. Finish with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Extra Hold Hairspray.


Ta-da! Cute, easy and it will stay all day. What do you think?  Will you be rocking this braid this summer?

*John Frieda is also holding a contest right now – sign up to be a part of their Elite Club here and you could win a 1-year supply of John Frieda products!*

  • I love it too!! =)) x

  • Nicole

    oooh, very cute! 🙂

  • Nicole

    p.s. I’ve been using clear mascara to tame flyaways daily for about 8 years… haha. Nice to see other people finally catching on to its wonderful use!

  • Lisa

    My hair is about as long as the models but I do a braid thats a bit different. One larger braid that takes the bangs over and then a smaller braid on the other side. Then I take both to the nape of my neck and make a messy bun. I got to look into that flyaway primer!

  • It’s pretty…but even though my hair is a little longer than shoulder length I don’t think it would look nice on my hair. I’ve got a ton of those little baby hairs that flyaway..I woder if the flyaway mascara would even help hehe

  • Sophia

    Cute look! Wish I had longer hair so I could do this.